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Rabbits Bonding 3 rabbits


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Aug 3, 2013
I've had 2 rabbits for a year. They are brother and sister and I got them fixed as soon as it was doable. They've never had any issues getting along.

a few months ago, I got a third - a female. I kept her separate and got her fixed and it's been 4 weeks since her surgery. Last week, I put their cages together, with a gate separating them so they could get used to each other. I took all three to a place in the house they hadn't been before and though the 2 females got along (sniffing, jumping on each other), my newest and the male do not get along. One sniff and he attacked so that the two were in a ball of fur fight. I took the third out and left th broker and sister together, thinking it would be okay, but then he started attacking his sister and I had to work quick to get them separated. I put everyone back in their cages and things are calm now.

im concerned that all three may not get along. Does anyone have any other tips/suggestions to give me better luck next time?
If there were a next time, we'd tell you not to try to put three of them together. Rabbits can be very territorial, and you may now have three lone rabbits, none of which will live with the other.
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