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Injury Bloody weeping sore on her shoulder & she's pregnant! Help! Emergency!


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Jan 11, 2012
Hi all, after a nice day of reading reading messages and getting breed suggestion and device for my pregnant Chilly I am horrified to find a sore on her shoulder on the side, it's obvious there are the roots left from some hair as its a small round hairless weeping sore so I'm guessing she has been biting it. She is pregnant so I'm worried! Ok so as everyone knows form my previous posts I don't have access to a piggy vet and that's why I'm asking for help!

2 cm long, 1 cm wide oval shaped hairless patch,
Weeping slightly, mixed with a little blood
Doesn't look like a bite from my other girl as skin is more grazed looking than cut in to
Noticed old tiny scabs from before I got her but they were healed and falling off (around 2mm scabs)

I haven't noticed major itching apart from the usual scratch they do on occasion like grooming slightly.

I wash they're fleece bedding frequently on a long wash but on 30 witch is a pretty low temp as I was scared the fleece might shrink but then the dryer drys at a higher temp.

Could this be mites? It doesn't look fungal and I have checked lots of pics on the net.

Is there any natural treatment I can do without meds, I don't want to use meds as she is pregnant and general try to go for the natural way always.

Help appreciated.
Forgot to say, there are no mites that I can see, have checked her fur through, no dandruffy looking anything either and the hair hasn't fallen out because I can see the roots still as though it was shaved
sorry, i don't remember reading any previous posts from you. i don't understand how it is that you have 2 pigs, one of which is pregnant, and no access to a vet? does that mean you have no vet, or just that your vet is far away? it seems to me, with pregnancy being high risk for pigs anyway, that ANY medical problems should trigger a trip to the vet - for your sake as well as your pigs! it sounds like you really want to do right and take good care of her - i'd think that now, with her health and the health of her babies at risk, you don't want to cut corners and guess at what's wrong or what to do!
Hi Jacqueline, when i said "as you all know" it was a figure of speach. I appreciate what your saying of course but I moved out from the uk and live in northern cyprus, we have vets, none of which are trained on guinea pigs and there are very little guinea pigs out here, I didn't breed her, she was pregnant before I got her. Yes you are right, she needs to see a vet, I have a vet and more than one as I have other pets of other species but these vets mostly don't treat piggy's and if they do, they are guessing and using meds intended for other animals. I wouldn't be asking for help if I thought any vet I have access to would be able to treat her without me questioning if they know what they're doing.

I am very happy to take her to a vet, no problem with expenses etc and I am intending to call the vet in the morning but as I am horrified and scared for her I am asking for advice on what it could be so that I am prepared and have an idea myself on what it could be, if the vet says they THINK they know what it is and prescribes something I'd like to be informed from experienced piggy owners if it's ok or not. This is a situation like if a doctor tells you your child needs a vaccination but you want to research it before choosing wether to get it or not.

Also vets generally don't go for a natural approach in my experience unfortunately and I don't really want to walk out of a vets office with a tube of something that will harm her or her babies.

The reason I am explaining myself in such detail is because there are unfortunately some people that do not want to take theyre pet to a vet for whatever reason and look for a quick fix online but I am not one of them, just looking for some urgent advice because me as a piggy mother am in shock after seeing the wound/sore.

Thank you again for your post though you sound like a very responsible caring person and it's good to have posters like you who will alert people to taking they're pet to the vets.

Again if anyone has any advice on what it could be or any natural treatment options if indeed it turns outta be mites please post.
Any way you can post a picture for us?

And are you sure about the biting? Can she even reach it with her mouth?

You do need to clean it out/off. If you can get some chlorhexidine or betadine and dilute it at least 10:1, that will help. Pig wounds tend to abscess fairly easily, so you don't want to let that happen if you can prevent it.

What you do after that depends on where it is and what it is. Post pictures if you can, and we'll revisit the issue.
Pregnant pigs can be treated for mites perfectly well with Ivermectin and it will not harm the babies if you treat mom. You won't find a natural treatment that is as effective as Ivermectin, and I wouldn't recommend wasting your time trying to when there is already a perfectly safe medication to treat with.

Can you post a picture of the wound? Does it appear to be infected?
Do you have any pictures of the wound? Is her roommate bullying her?

Mites are microscopic and you will not be able to see them. However, you can see scabs and wounds from bite/scratching marks.

Some info:


If it looks more like a bite wound from fighting, you can wash it with antiseptic solutions.

If they were fighting, depends on how serious the fights. You may need to separate her from her housemate.

If you need to take her to your dog/cat vet, print out this list and take it with you so they won't be giving dangerous meds.
ok these are the best pics I could get, please bare in mind its not dry although it looks that way and its more red than in the pic, my husband had a closer look and noticed a sort of long scab right down the middle and said it could be a nip from the other female that has been irritating her to the point that she made it worse? its slightly visible in the pics. I am starting to think its not mites as she doesnt have any other sign any where else on her and ive checked her through. when i say on her shoulder I mean kinda down her arm slightly and I know she can reach it.

no bullying but they have the odd squeek once in a while. she could have scratched it on something? the little scab inside the sore area is about 2 mm wide at most but around 5 mm top to bottom

[GuineaPigCages.com] Bloody weeping sore on her shoulder & she's pregnant! Help! Emergency![GuineaPigCages.com] Bloody weeping sore on her shoulder & she's pregnant! Help! Emergency!
I should also mention that the thin scabby thing looks indented into the sore but its not, there is no skin opening at all, its like a graze as I said. the light really played tricks with the pics
Does it feel hot to the touch?
It looks like a bite wound to me -- not at all like mites or fungus.

If she were mine, I'd take her to a vet. Pig bites can be very hard to deal with if they abscess.
Its morning here now, have spoken to the vet and waiting for a call on a cancelation appointment for today as there full. Thanks for everyone's advice, no not hot or hard to touch, not deep, exactly as if a human were to graze the surface of there skin. Will definitely be wiping it with one of the antiseptic solutions in the links given by lissie. I had heard about problems with cuts before but I really dought this will cause an abscess but you never know so will see what the vet says and will use an antiseptic too.

Thanks again
Ok after posting I got a call to take her straight, the vet said she doesn't have any other sign of a skin condition and her coat/skin is in good condition. He said he thinks it's a scratch rather than a nip that has irritated her and she may have picked at it even more, he said because its not deep an iodine solution is fine to use on in til it heals and wants to see her again in 3-4 days to check if it's weeping or bleeding still, as she can get to it he said we may need to temporarily bandage the area if she keeps going at it and said there wasn't an Elizabethan color small enough for her but if need be he will make one up for me from scratch.

So thank God it turned out to be what we thought in the end! I did ask him why he was not up to scratch on guineas and he said that him and nearly of of the vets are not trained for reptiles, rodents etc and they have little experience as there are so few out here. Nice guy just being honest I guess. I asked about neutering etc just curious I guess as I only have females anyways and he said it was too risky for guineas and much more safer just to either keep them apart or have same sex groups.

Well I'm still worried but she is fine and toodling round as usual with her nearly very pregnant tummy, amazing how you can even see the babies moving from a distance! Not long now I guess then its on to finding homes that will care for them like I myself would. Fingers crossed please :0)))
I hope the sore heals well for her, just try to keep it clean and dry. It's a shame that the vet doesn't know much about piggies; maybe you can direct him here and Guinea Lynx and he can read up. Good luck with the babies...
On Chilly's behalf, thank you for your well wishes! Actually he did say that the net is brilliant because everyday new things are approved tried and tested that we're not in they're time at vet school so he said they often call on colleagues at other practice and research the net too to be up to date! I did mention the site, I will give him the address at next visit! Thanks a lot again
Glad it turned out to be not so serious.
Just a quick update, Chilly's sore is on the mend, completely dried up and healing thank God!
thats awesome cant wait to see those sweet babies
I will be posting pics as soon as they are born WTHOG (that's "with the help of God")

I'm so glad that it seems as if things have worked out for you.

There seems to be a good amount of people with difficult access to vets or no exotics vets nearby. In this case, it was something that a vet could treat even not being so expert on pigs. I'm just thinking outload that when some of us are in this position, as was said, with photos and the internet, one would think that an inexperienced vet could collaborate with a specialized one and work together to find the appropriate treatment.

Bpatters, I'm also really appreciating so much the valuable contribution you make here from your many years of experience. Thanks so much for that.
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