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Urine Blood in urine!? UTI? Uterine problem?


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Jun 2, 2011
Hi All.

We have two female pigs that are approximately two years old. One of the two
recently started urinating blood--

Around Jan 25 we noticed a few pink puddles of urine in the cage. We figured we would see if it continued, but
didn't see any pink urine until a week later.

On Jan 31 we noticed more pink urine areas in the cage again. We dabbed at both of their rear ends and
found which piggy was having the problem-Gizmo. This time we took the her to the vet (not a cavy specialist). X-rays were done and didn't show any stones. They put her on Bactrim for 10 days thinking a UTI was the culprit. However, a urine test was not done.

On the day before her meds were done (Feb. 9), we yet again noticed pink puddles. I watched Gizmo until she peed, and this time noticed bright red blood. We took her to an exotic specialist on Feb 11. and had xrays done again-nothing. She suggested we might need to have her spayed but that if we wanted to try another round of antibiotics, we could do that. So she went on .7 ml of Orbax for 14 days. (Ending about February 24.)

After that, everything seemed to be fine again. And then on March 15 we s[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]tarted noticing blood again. It increased over a day or two, turning bright red toward the end. Gizmo never showed any signs of pain while peeing, but this time, she started acting lethargic and just sat hunched over in the corner of the cage.

We had some Orbax left over, (and because the vet was out of town) started her on it on Sunday, the 17th of March. We made a vet appointment for the 20th and took her in. We couldn't do a urine culture due to the few days on the antibiotics. The vet put her back on Bactrim for three weeks this time.

After I brought her home from the vet, after a few hours, she started peeing bright red again. I called the vet asking if it was because she had been palpated, and she said that's not usual for a UTI and that it might be a uterine tumor with secondary infection. (She also peed blood once on Saturday the 24th.)

So we'll wait until the ABs are done, and wait to see if she pees more blood. At that time, we'll do a urine culture and/or ultrasound.

So my questions are
1. Anyone had recurrent UTIs this severe?
2. Anyone dealt with uterine tumors? or symptoms?
3. Any other thoughts?

I haven't had experience with this, but have a question. Will an ovarian or uterine tumor show up on an x-ray or does an ultrasound need to be done?
I have had x-rays done, and nothing out of the normal showed up. I assume an ultrasound would be better, and that's the next step we'll take if needed. However, if cysts are large enough, I know they can displace a GPs innards, so you can tell if they have those sometimes.
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