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Cavy Slave
Apr 4, 2012
Hi im chelsea and i have a male piggy named Bugsy.:love: If anyone has any ideas on anything just let me know. I just got Bugsy in January so im new to this.
Welcome!! We'd love to see a picture or 2 of Bugsy :) The picture of the tree in the posting tool bar will let you upload a photo to the post...
yes definetly post some pictures. I'm guessing he is named after the guinea pig in the movie bedtime stories ( I love that piggy with his huge eyes )? If you have any questions this is the place to ask them and you should get your answers. Have fun with your new little fur baby!
Welcome to you and Bugsy! Please post those pictures as soon as you can!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Blondebabygirlthis is my little boy and yes he is named after the piggy in bedtime stories:)
He's adorable!!
Very cute!! And I love the name :)
He's a doll-thanks for posting his pic!
thanks:) i started loving him after the first couple of days:love:
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