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Conditions Bleeding from rectum - Fall


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Feb 9, 2011
Around an hour ago George and Patch got into a huge fight.
When I went to separate them, George bite me (he has never done that before) and I accidentally dropped him trying to get my finger out of the way.

He fell from around 3 feet. I picked him up and checked him out. I held him for around 15 minutes when I realized there was blood on my shirt.
He is bleeding from his rectum.

The emergency vet for my vet's office does not see guinea pigs.
I called another placed and told them the issue and they asked if I wanted to have him put to sleep.
I have been calling places for the last hour. No one is available.
I am terrified.
I finally found one place but the guy is out tending to horses for till later this evening and I don't trust that he will know what to do with George.

I don't know what to do.

I feel like I am just waiting around for someone who will not be able to help him.

Please pray for him if you are the praying type.
Keep him in your thoughts.
I'm so sorry this happened. It's not your fault-it's a gut instict to pull away from pain. I've dropped kittens and my hamster already. Slow down, take a breath, keep calling. Does your regular vet have an answering service? If so, they can page your regular vet, and have him call you back. He might see George, or have some advice. Checkout GuineaLynx for anything that might help, and just hold him, and keep him calm and quiet. Good luck, keep us posted.
I found a place in Nashville.
I am headed there now.
Oh, Kim. I'm so sorry for all the problems you have been having with George and Patch lately.
I will for sure keep George in my thoughts and prayers. Please stay calm. If you stay calm and positive then George will be calm. Please keep us updated. Good luck!
Good luck! I hope it's nothing serious. Keep us posted. More positive thoughts...
Positive thoughts are on their way, this will be the first time I've ever prayed, that a Guinea pig just got bit on the butt. I hope you come home feeling like a really silly panicky piggie Mommy. Seriously though, we're wishing you and George the best of luck, hope it turns out OK.
Lots of prayers heading out your way from my household. Hoping to see good news.
Prayers are being sent. Good luck. So sorry.
Waitingfor news. keeep us posted. Sending prayers and good healing thoughts.
Piggy and Human prayers on the way.
At vet.
Fresh blood when we look inside his bottom. Poos are ok. Vet concerned bout goo and blood. Doing xray. Keep you posted. s
Hope everything works out.
Wish I could go back with him for xray.
Praying it is simple. Praying I can walk away with him a
nd a sense of relief and gratitude.
Poor baby.
I heard them take the xray. Wish they would hurry back with results
I'm so sorry this happened! I'm sending up prayers for you and George. Hopefully it is something minor.
we are sending you prayers and hope-filled wheeks ....
I'm so sorry this happened to you Kim. Just remember, this is not your fault. Again, prayers being sent your way. Ginger sends wheeks of prayer as well.
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Xrays shows nothing broken. No internal bleeding. No stones. Everything in alignment. Vet got another consult. Diagnosis- trauma from fall . Should clot easily. Getting antibiotic. Bleeding not stopped in 48 hrs or gets worse-come back
Peeing good too.
Should I feel relieved? anything else I should do or ask?
Yay! Sounds like everything's okay to me. :) So glad it went alright. God has certainly answered our prayers.
That's good news! How's the bleeding now?
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