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Forages Blackberry leaves and grape leaves


Cavy Slave
Jun 29, 2012
Is it safe to feed blackberry leaves (from a thornless variety of blackberry) and grape leaves? I've got both available growing in our yard (no pesticide). If so, how much and how often? Thank you.
I have both in my yard and feed them every other day or so. Pigs and bunnies love them!
I have them both too. I have never thought of giving them to the pigs. Going to go pick some leaves now!
Make sure you rinse them thoroughly, even if you don't have any pesticides in your yard. They are a big treat and my pigs and rabbits go crazy for both!
got it!!

there soaking in backing soada and water now.

hope the pigs like them!
Thanks for the tip! I'm overflowing with both types of plant, so I'll have to get some for my herd. My blackberries are thornless, but are leaves from thorny varieties safe? Some thorny plants have little spikes on the leaves as well, so that's why I'm asking.
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