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Sad Bittersweet Day for Me


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Mar 29, 2011
Well, as many of you know, I had to say goodbye to my boy, Pedro, a week and a bit ago. It's been hard dealing with the loss, but I'm starting to find comfort with it.
Today I got his ashes back. The urn is beautiful and suits Pedro really well. I have a memorial shelf set up in me bedroom for him.

I really miss having pigs. I'm torn between getting more, or to take a break. I had Pedro for 7 years, so it's hard to get used to life without a piggie.
I don't want anyone to think I could ever replace him. He was my tiny soul mate, and nothing ever would/could replace him. My love for him was special and unique, unlike the love I have with any of my other pets. I am just the type of person that loves to take care of things. It gives me the greatest pleasure caring for something so innocent and helpless. I've always been the mothering type, even though I'm only 21!

The only small animal rescue where I live is run by a girl around my age, out of her own house. She does it all by herself, but thankfully gets many donations. She has had guinea pigs in the past, but currently doesn't have any. I'm going to send her off an email asking is she will keep me in mind if she gets any pigs in soon. I was also looking at online classifieds for my city, and saw a lady with some pigs of varying ages. I sent her off an email but if it seems like she's a breeder I won't be getting any pigs from her.

I have no problem waiting for the right ones to come along. I am hoping to get females, since I have never had any lady pigs before. However, I will gladly accept anything that needs a loving home.
I am so sorry for your lose. I cannot begin to imagine how you're feeling. I think, however, that it would be a great honor to Pedro to show the same love you had for him to another piggie. I can't help but think he would be happy to know how much he touched your heart. Losing a beloved pet is hard but passing that love to another piggie in need is truly the best way to pay tribute to our lost friends.
Just got a reply from the lady with the ad. She said she possibly has one pig available now, but they have another litter coming shortly and those pigs will available once old enough. Dang, doesn't sound good. I emailed her back asking if she's a breeder or if these are accidental litters. Seems suspicious, so I doubt I'll be getting any from her.
Good luck! I know it is hard to lose a pet, especially a little piggie.. They are just the sweetest. I hope you are able to find one and are able to share your love to another lucky little guy or girl! You sound like a great guinea pig owner.
Thank you kittymalone and kareebear :)

I got a reply from the ad person and she said that they were accidental litters. She said that a 13 year old girl thought she had only females, and then pups came along. She also said that she doesn't want to be a breeder so she's trying to get back to only having females. From her emails it still kind of sounds a bit weird. I'm not sure if it's the actual 13 year old I'm talking to, or a parent.
I guess I will just see how things go. I have no problem waiting for the right ones to come along. :)
Hugs for your loss, Ellisa. Pedro sounds very special.

Just wanted to chime in with permission--if you're needing some--to NOT get more piggies right away, if that's what feels right. Taking a little time to mourn is ok, too.

Really, I think you can't do it wrong here. You're clearly a phenomenal piggy momma, and some new little critter is going to be lucky to have you when the time is right. If this time is not now, that's perfectly fine.

Listen to your gut and hang in there, lady! :)
I would talk to her on the phone, it is MUCH easier to tell if a person is sincere through their voice. It sounds fishy to me though.

Sorry had to type that before I forgot what I was going to say! ha

Pedro would be pleased to know you are spreading the same love and kindness you gave him all those years to another friend in need. c: I admire you and how much you loved and cared for you pigs. I always feel so bad because I am in college this first yr away from home and my piggies are with "grandma" (my mom), but it feels great to go home and they light up when they see me after a week. Anyways, I believe you'll know exactly when the time is right for a new addition(s) and you'll melt for the perfect one(s) when that time comes. Best of Luck to you.
My heart goes out to you as you deal with such sorrow. I am so glad you had Pedro for 7 years and showered him with love and affection, and he in turn gave you such love and comfort. I agree with what @kittymalone stated it so beautifuly, Pedro would want other piggies to to be given such love and care.
Ellisa I have to say I am So Glad to hear that you are looking, you had a Long Time to prepare for Pedro's passing, you have mourned him from well before he went, and you know you will be ready whenever you are and I had the feeling that sooner would be better for you personally than later. Like you say you are just the mothering sort. You will feel in your heart when the right piggy pops up in your world, and you will be ready. What a lucky wee pig or pigs they will be!!!! what an adventure too because life goes on and it has so much joy to give us, individual little packages of it lol ❤️
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