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Behavior Biting, chewing and stealing food....all normal?


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Sep 27, 2011
I have 2 sisters, somewhere between 6 months and 1 year old, they estimated. Chili is clearly the dominant one....she is bigger and she is definitely more outgoing.

The problem is that, although I feed them their "salads" in different parts of the cage, Rudy is just a little slower and not as tenacious as Chili and so Chili tends to run over and steal Rudy's lettuce and vegetables. I have to make sure I watch them both eat and keep helping Rudy out.

Chili also does her little "rumbling" noise (Hubby says it's the least threatening sound he's ever heard, hahaha) and forces Rudy out of her favorite hidey and pushes her around. She also has nipped at Rudy's bum from time to time.

Lastly, Chili has been chewing on the grids and nibbles me whenever I hold her (although she seems very happy when I'm holding her).

Is Chili just a normal, bossy girl? Or is she bored or annoyed? And how do I help Rudy?
Could you put a temporary divider in their cage at meal time? As for the nibbling you she could be letting you know she needs to potty and wants to go to her cage for that. My Huey would bite(hard but didn't break the skin) on me to let me know but now since I understand now he will just grab my skin and hold it without hurting me. When she nips Rudy is she drawing blood? She sounds like she is just being a bossy teenage piggie. Not sure if girls go through puberty like boys do but I know it was hard to watch my boys go through it!
Oh, I forgot to add to make sure you give Chili enough floor time to explore and that might help with any boredom that she may be feeling. Just make sure you piggy proof it because if she's anything like my Roger and Sheldon, she'll want to taste/climb/drag everything!
I separate my pair for their evening meal to make sure Willy gets to have a fair crack at his veggies and pellets without Winifred stealing it all. The rest of the time I make sure that there is food is a few places, hay everywhere and things to occupy Winifred!
You can also give Rudy some extra treats while you're holding her -- the guaranteed way to win a piggy's heart.

If Rudy's favorite hidey only has one entrance, you should replace it with one that has two holes, or cut another hole in it. It can be pretty stressful for a pig to be trapped with no way to get out.
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