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Bigger cage, less social life?


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Oct 24, 2004
Mm... I start to discover something werid about my 2 piggies. They used to live in a tiny 14"~x 28"~ cage before they come to us, and they used to sleep in the pigloo together. Now that the cage is 2x4 + 2x1 loft upstairs, the two piggies start to "live on their own" instead of staying together. After I built them a hammock, Bubu like to stay under the hammock, and Abu stay in the pigloo, and they don’t interact that much anymore. Is that a normal thing?
Yes, it's quite normal. It's the way they like it now that they aren't being forced to be in each other's faces 24x7.

And it's not less social life, it's just a more natural life for them.
They like to have their own space. That's why they say to have one house for each pig, that way they wont fight over it. I wouldn't worry about it.
Most of the time my pigs sleep one to a pigloo, but there's occasional snuggling to be seen.
Ditto what everyone else said. Its great that they have their own space now.
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mm.. so maybe this is a good things afterall. =) Maybe I should make them one more hidy house so bubu don't have to sleep under the hammock and got a little house of her own.
I got a big box from where I work and I cut a big hole that the piggies can fit into. 5 of my piggies go in the box that I made them and they still got alot of room to fit more. I have 2 pigloo, 1 ice cream bucket, and 1 large box with hole cut out. I got 8 girls in one cage so more hidey places the better.
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