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Weight Big girl


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Mar 18, 2012
So my guinea pig gingey looks massive, compared to everyone elses pictures of their babies, i thought she was pregnant when we go her, but the vet says shes healthy and shes very active and can still clean herself properly, so i think im just worrying! but does anyone else have a big guinea?
How old is she and how much does she weigh? Some guinea pigs just look huge but are really ok weights. Like my Phoenix, she looked ten times bigger than the other pigs, and couldn't even fit in the pigloo, however her weight was just fine.
the vet does her weekly weigh in on charts and said shes growing fine shes about 4 month old now, shes just huge but shes an aby aswell so she got lots of fur XD good that other ppl hve other big piggies now
Piggy giants. Love it. Woud love to see pics of the adorableness!
There is a catagory on the pics that says Cuy. Maybe that's what kind of pig it is. Just a guess. Says they originate from Perue.
Cuy are bigger guinea pigs, and can grow up to five pounds.

Weekly vet weigh-ins?
Wow! That is massive. I hope someone posts a pic of one soon!
my boss pig Fluffy is 2.85 pounds. She is as big if not bigger than some male pigs. She is a abby and has the attitude to prove it. I think all abbys are bigger than other pigs and usally their attitude is as big as they are. She loves people just dont like other pigs.
My Roger is an abby and weighs 3.2lbs and is around a year and a half old. @drgraves2 , Fluffy is just trying to catch up to Roger so if they ever meet she could boss him around:D!
Weekly vet weigh-ins?

yes the vet does it all she insists and keeps a journal of both my pigs so when i take them in if anything is different im already in there to get help,
my abby is huge and cheeky she hops out her cage :S shes so naughty but i guess thats just abbys ^^
Vet weekly weigh-ins are not necessary, all you have to do is buy a fruit scale, and weigh your guinea pig every week on that. Taking her to the vet every week is just going to be really stressful for her.
Just out of curiosity, how much do you have to pay for the vet to weigh them each week?

Is there any reason you couldn't buy a scale for less than $20 and do it yourself?
its free! and it seems better to just be there at the vets already if something is wrong like they needs meds for anything i just get charged for that, sinse iv been worried about a uri but id rather be ready at the vets ^^
Is there any reason you couldn't buy a scale for less than $20 and do it yourself?

also i have scales but it just seems logical to do it at the vets o.0
Hey, whatever floats your boat. But the idea of having to put the pigs in the car and take them to vet every week for something I can do on my kitchen table is a non-starter for me.
i dont have to drive , so no car, she gets lettuce and veg in her pet carrier, she is very much loved when taken, and if she was getting so stressed why does she popcorn at the vets o.0
I didn't say a thing about her being stressed.
no someone else did o.0 i will have to put some pictures up of the size difference between my two shes hugeeeeeeee so funny to watch she proper throws her weight around
I have 3 girls. One is 2lb 12oz, the other 2lb13oz and the oldest is 2lb15oz. All 3 are giant compared to my friends males. Her male looks a few months old but he is over a year. I guess it just depends on genetics and how much your pigs demand food! As far as weighing, I find it easier to weigh my girls at home, mostly since our vet is 30min away. This way I save gas and don't stress my girls out too much.
All abbys are certainly not bigger as a group than other pigs. They're fluffier because their hair goes in every direction, but they're just average sized pigs. My ASH is about 75 grams heavier than her abby sister.
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