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C&C Alternatives Big enough?


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Jul 25, 2011
So the new cage is coming along, but I just wanted opinions on size. It is about a 2X3 with a 2X1 kitchen on the same level, just separated. It is plywood that will be painted (latex) and have one plexiglass side. I plan on returning to fleece too, with yesterday's news in the kitchen. Hopefully I will be done this weekend.

Anyways, would this be okay for two males? It is ultimately a 2x4 with a separated kitchen. It is finalized, and as big as it can get...my parents wouldn't go any bigger :/

Most people would recommend a 2x5 for two males, because they usually require more room to get along well. However, a 2x4 is the minimum requirement for 2 pigs so you should be in ok shape if you're boys like each other.

I don't know about the safeness of the paint, but make sure they can't chew on the wood.

To maximize their lap running space, be sure to keep things off of the side of the cage so they can run the full 2x3 available to them, since the kitchen is seperate.
YAY! The new cage is almost done! It may need one more coat of paint, and we are getting the plexiglass today! It came out better than I expected. Here are some pictures; you can't really see what it looks like because it was close to the wall so I couldn't get far enough away to get a good picture :(

I'll post more when it is upstairs! Let me know what you think!
Big enough?
Big enough?
Big enough?
Big enough?

*the bottom leve looks really dark, but it was in my basement so I will be sure to put it in a spot where Benjamin will get enough light-so it isn't like a cave :)
cool cage...is it 2 levels?
Yeah its two levels-wow those pictures are TERRIBLE, sorry- anyways one level per pig because they are not friends :) Each level is a 2X4, with a main area slightly smaller than a 2X3 and a kitchen slightly bigger than a 1X2.
it's a shame they dont get along. are you going to see if you can find friends for them? find a shelter that will let you do a play date...it worked for me.
i like the idea of a separate kitchen...you will have to let me know how that works out. it's a good idea!
I would love to get at least one more for Squint because he is pro-pig and Benjamin is no-pig lol, but my parents don't want anymore. I would love to find buddies for both, I really want a long haired pig and an abby! I'm sure there is a pig out there for Benjamin...somewhere :)

However I have a big birthday coming up so maybe they will let me get one instead of a party! (Even though I don't think animals should be presents)
The cage looks like it's coming along really well. I bet both your boys are going to love it.

I think you're in good shape, size wise. Especially since they aren't being housed together. I didn't realize that when I made my first post.

Can't wait to see it when it's all done.
Thanks! I'm super excited!
Okay, the cage was finished last night! I think they both really like it. Here are some pictures!
Big enough?Big enough?Big enough?Big enough?

Let me know what you think!


photo (27).JPG
it looks great
the only thing I can think of was to somehow get some light to the bottom level so he isnt in the dark all the time
I'm confused. How are they meant to get into the kitchen? I noticed something like two pipes between the rooms but your pigs will get larger - the pipes will not. What will you do when the pigs grow and can't fit (or worse, get stuck) through the tubes?

Also, a 2X3 (even with the 2X1 for kitchen) isn't big enough for two males. The 2X1 is separated off from the main area and isn't living space, it's eating space. 2X4 is the minimum for 2 pigs, with more being better. When they say 2X4, they mean unobstructed running space. If one pig started chasing the other, they need to be able to run in at least a 2X4 space, not try to squeeze through a tunnel at full speed.
The kitchen is attached with PVC pipes with 4 inch diameters. There is plenty of room for the pigs to get through-and unless they get really fat, I don't think they will get much bigger.

The cages are two separate levels, each pig (just one per level) has a 2X3 with a 1X2 kitchen. Essentially each pig has a 2X4. I only have two pigs total, one per level.
I like that! I also like the wood, looks more like furniture than a cage.

You could try rope lights, around the top of bottom level (so piggie can't chew) That might be a good way to get some light down there. You could find LED ones, and they would not put out heat or use alot of energy (id leave them on all the time)
@ beachgurl_1988- that is a great idea! Thanks! There is an outlet behind their cage too so that would be awesome! And I liked the plywood idea because it looked less messy in my room :)
Ohhhhh each pig on a different level! So essentially the 2X3 plus kitchen is for 1 pig but each pigs has its own? That will work.

Maybe from the side the pipes look smaller than they actually are but my full grown males wouldn't be able to fit through those pipes. Granted, they are a bit on the chubby side but fully grown nonetheless.
Yeah before putting in the tubes I guinea-tested them :) Both can get through easily!
I think it looks really great, and once you get some lighting in the bottom cage it will be perfect!! :)
Yeah before putting in the tubes I guinea-tested them :) Both can get through easily!

Are they fully grown at this point or still on the younger side (less than 6 mths old, they are still growing).
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