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Bedding big enough?


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Nov 10, 2011
ive got this is the wrong place but i dunno if this is big enough for one guinea pig my friend is thinking about getting it the link is to ebay :)

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The link says that it is 71 cm x 45.5 cm and on the GPC homepage it shows that the minimum cage size for one pig is 76 cm x 91 cm. So, no, this cage isn't suitable for even one pig.
(broken link removed)

edit: Also, that cage is plastic all around so there wouldn't be enough air flow for any animal to live in it.
thanks i will make sure she doesnt buy it
Have you told her about C&C cages or another type of homemade cage? Maybe she would be interested in making her own spacious and inexpensive cage :)
i have but we live in the UK our houses are small and we dont no were to buy the stuff from
You don't have to use cubes or coroplast, you could use wire shelving or whatever is available where you live. I understand how it would be tough if you don't have enough room in your house. I'm not sure where in the UK you are, but maybe have a look around the site to get some ideas of C&C cage alternatives, and see what building supplies you could get where you live. The sad thing that pretty much all store bought cages that are "for guinea pigs" are WAY too small for them, so building your own is pretty much the only way to ensure that your pigs have enough room to live happy and healthy lives.
yeah my piggies have enough room to be happy pet shops annoy me such a rip off and charge way too much for the products!
You have home improvement stores in the UK, and closet shelving makes an excellent sturdy cage. Your friend can also make a stand out of the same shelving material to put the cage on, and have storage underneath for all the pigs' supplies as well as other things.
its just the space in our houses they are very small, she wants her own guinea pig room haha xD
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