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Vet Beyond angry and need to vent!


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Aug 17, 2011
I brought my 3 Guinea Pigs in to my vet's office for boarding last Saturday. We went out of town for Spring Break and this was our only option. I have boarded previous piggies with them in the past, and was always happy with them. I called ahead and asked if it would be o.k. to bring a modified c&c cage with a lid. They said that it would be o.k.. I dropped them off with written and verbal instructions to give them an unlimited supply of hay along with three scoops of their pellets and a pre-portioned amount of veggies. I also left them with a big new bag of Aspen shavings. When I picked them up this afternoon, I was informed that they were not put in their c&c but, rather, they had kept them in their in house cage (very small pet store cage). I was ticked off and let them know that they shouldn't have told me that it was o.k. to board them in the c&c if they weren't going to use it. I paid the bill and left. When I got home, I unloaded the pigs and put them in their cage and then went out to get the bag of left-over supplies. I left them with 1 1/2 big bags of hay and I brought home 1 1/2 big bags of hay!! The poor pigs were not given a solitary strand of hay for 9 days!! The vets office is closed now, however they will be getting a phone call in the morning. This is unacceptable! You do not promise to take care of someone's pets (and charge a high fee) and then not follow simple instructions. I could have lived with the fact that they were in a smaller cage... but the not even feed them an extremely crucial portion of their diet? RIDICULOUS!

I will be finding a new vet ASAP!
So sorry to hear about that!

Grr....... I wish I could take away half of the madness that people get when something bad happens to piggies. Stories like these make me sick.

Well, good thing that Momma (daddy?) has their Cavies back at home to give them better care.

Let us know how the phone call goes!
That is horrible! I'd definitely give them a piece of my mind and ask for a partial refund.

Hopefully your pigs will be okay after that nonsense, and I hope you find a better vet.

What do you do if you have no reliable friends/family, no good boarding places, and you have to make an important trip somewhere?
Ugh! Sorry your piggies and you went through that. I would definitely talk to the primary or senior vet in person-they often don't know what goes on "behind the scenes" so to speak. I would also demand a refund, since they did not live up to their end of the verbal contract to care for your pigs. Just remember, if you start to scream or talk very angrily (which is understandable), they will just tune you out. The goal here is to get them to change their ways, so other animals don't suffer in the future, and to try to get your money back. Nothing is going to change the way your pigs have already been treated. At least they didn't throw the hay away just to make you think the pigs ate it. Just as calmly as you can, explain what happened, and what you expect to happen now. And make sure you at least have the office manager, if not the senior vet, on the phone. :-(
What do you do if you have no reliable friends/family, no good boarding places, and you have to make an important trip somewhere?
Ask if anyone on this forum lives close enough to babysit? At least you could read their past posts to get a feel for the person's attitude.
Poor piggies. I would defiantly talk to the owner of the place (probably the lead vet). They should refund at least part of your money if not all. I spent a summer working for a vet in their boarding department, that vet would have been mortified to find this happening in their boarding area. Please let them know and demand your money back. That is completely unacceptable.
Ugh, something similar happened to me, except with family.

I hope you get your money back, that's horrible.
I would be livid if that happened with my pigs. It's easy to storm in angry and want to scream at someone but it would be more effective if, before you went in, type out a bulleted list, while you are calm, to give yourself a framework to discuss with them.

It will also assure that you don't forget something that you wanted to mention. It is also something you can leave with them, something tangible, so they see exactly what your complaint is about.

Let them know that they did not live up to most of their end of the deal, that you are unsatisfied and that you likely plan to go elsewhere, the next time the need to board comes up.
That's ridiculous! If they couldn't follow your instructions for some reason, they at least could have told you up front or called you. Not only was it irresponsible, it was inconsiderate.
Unbelievablebly frustrating.

I would get a pet sitter next time if I were you. Ask around about the best pet sitter in the area. Word of mouth is the best way to find out who you can trust your animals with. As a pet sitter myself, I take my job very seriously and follow all instructions to the smallest detai because I get to know and care about my client's animals.
Don't worry. I won't be boarding them again. Next time we go on a trip I will find a pet sitter. Does anyone have any advice for finding a good sitter? There are a few listings on Care.com.
Have you talked to the vet's office yet? I'd be so angry! Poor piggies, glad they're back home.
I wonder if they had their own hay they were feeding.
Someone really screwed up. I would definitely contact the office manager to find out why your instructions weren't followed. When you hire someone and pay for their services, you should expect them to do what you hired them to do. You should definitely get your money back.
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