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Teeth beware zip ties


Cavy Slave
May 22, 2012
Today I had Lydia and Luna out to play. I noticed Lydia chewing on something, come to find out she had a zip tie (the sqaure part) stuck in her teeth! She must have chewed it off of the cage :( She has no injury but it scared me badly. always be very cautious as to where you place zip ties.
Do you have a coroplast base or do your grids extend all the way to the ground?
Coroplast. I don't know how she even managed to get ahold of it.
How tall is your coroplast? I tighten my zip ties so the long piece extended out on the outside. I cut the long piece off. I think mine were the 8mm ones. I just checked my cage and my zip ties are on the bottom of the grids and close to the top so they're about 13" off the ground. I don't think they could reach them if they tried.
I cut all my zip ties off as short as possible, because I know my two would have a chew-fest with them.
I'm scared to even use zipties now! All thats holding my cage together is the connectors since I snipped all the zip ties just in case. Maybe i'll put some on the very bottom later tonight. /:
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