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Ramps better grip


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Mar 13, 2012
I just added an upper level to my boy's cage. But the ramps were steep and one of my pigs could not get up. So I went looking for grip tape to put on instead of the fleece. But then my dad came up with a great idea. Put small dowels or sticks across the ramp going all the way up, then cover it with fleece. It saved me a trip to the store and the money the grip tape would have cost, seeing as I had the materiels already. Now both of my pigs can go up and down with ease. I just thought i would post it here for others to use. Here are some pictures of it. The first one is of the finnished ramp and the second one is of the plastic rods I used and the velcroed on fleece. Hope this helps someone!
[GuineaPigCages.com] better grip[GuineaPigCages.com] better grip
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