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Coroplast Best way to piece a ramp?


Cavy Slave
Dec 21, 2019
I don't have a wide enough piece of scrap coroplast to make a ramp, so I've cut two half-ramps. Each has the bottom, and one side rail. I intend to layer the two bottoms on top of each other to build a proper ramp with rails on both sides. I was thinking I would glue the pieces together but it seems that glue isn't great for coroplast. Is my best bet to just make rolls of duct tape in between the two layers?

My plan beyond that is to sew a fleece & uhaul pad (well, two of them) that will run the length of the ramp, and then if they turn out to nibble the sides, I'll also sew bumpers/covers for the side rails. Didn't have any luck locating the plastic edging pieces at Michaels or Staples (Canada) last weekend when I tried.
If you use duct tape anywhere in a cavy cage, be sure to put it on surfaces that they can't reach. For some reason, duct tape seems to be a tasty snack. :rolleyes:

My most valuable tool for working with coroplast is a high temperature glue gun. Don't directly touch the coro with the tip of the gun (will melt coro) but hold it close and drop a bead of the glue where needed. If you are trying to adhere something to coro, you can always use industrial strength stick-on velcro to attach them together.

Have you tried buying the plastic edging online?

[GuineaPigCages.com] Best way to piece a ramp?
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