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best way to introduce floor time?


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Apr 4, 2005
Are there "dos" and "don'ts" to getting your gp to like floor time - I have a 6 week old (who is presently quite active and happy in a large cage) but I'd like to get her used to some floor time - it seems like some pigggies don't take to it - why is that - does it have to do with basic personality or are there "mistakes" that humans make? Thanks
Having a great setup (lots of hidey houses and hidden veggies) is good. Some just take more time to get used to it. Some are nervous about it when you first start, but it takes time.
If they don`t like LOVE it, why do you even do it. I mean, isn`t it for the piggie to have fun and play? It seems like they would have more fun if you just held them the whole time.
It is not just for fun and play it is for exercise. I don't think the majorty of pigs like being handled... they would much prefer running around a room by themselves.
I've started giving my foster pigs floor time when I clean them out, and they love it!! They are currently using a run indoors until we can piggy proof the room they are living in.

It was so sweet earlier, they were popcorning all over the place; little bodies twitching and twisting, leaping all over the place and throwing themselves against everything!! I don't think they've ever had floor time before...

I'm just starting out with putting them in a run, then I'll progress to a larger area for them to play in.
When making rooms piggie secure , never forget the electricity wires. Guineapigs tend to bite them and get shocked to death
I have a question about floor time... What do you normally do for floor time. I live in a house with a dog (which i put away for obvious reasons during floor time), and 3 other kids.

What do you do to get your cute piggies to enjoy floor time?
Do you worry about them running under furnature and other things during floor time. I am just wondering about this because its a fairly new concept to me and i've had a Guinea Pig before but I just held him and let him crawl on me.
Alot of people here believe in floor time. Giving your piggies exercise and new surroundings to stimulate them. If you have a floor cage whereas you can open a door and just let them out on their own thats great. This way you can put treats out and other toys to entice them to leave their cage. They can run back in on their own. If you cage is not on the floor, you can find an area where there is sufficient space for them and which is convenient for you to make as your free time area. Make sure it is a safe area. No wires, etc. hanging out. You would have to section off space so your piggies don't wander off under furniture, in spaces where you couldn't get him. You would place your piggies there and let them explore their new area. It could take some time before they get used to it. It would be getting use to a new cage all over again.

I myself have a 3 level cage and live in an apartment and don't have space for this. My piggies are quite content in their cage and I give them lap time when I can. I have just recently made a door on their cage and they have access to roam another 16" by 30" approx. Very small but it's something new for them to explore. It took a few days for them to poke their heads out and investigate and now they enjoy running in and out.
thank you for the information. I found this useful!
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