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best way to get 2 boys to be nice....?


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Nov 23, 2004
I bought 2 boys today (sorry, not adopted, but I would have loved that) and they were so nice together in the cage they were in, tht I was so sure they'd love each-other. I brought them home, and I know they are scared and stuff, but one was chasing the other around.. My husband says they weren't using their teeth, but I sectioned off the cage, so now it's a 2X2 next to a 2X2, and I dont like that.. Should I let them be together for a while, or keep them separate while they get used to their new surroundings, and THEN let them be together?

someone? please? I just got them tonight, and I'd like to know your opinion.
I would keep them split, like you have now, for at least a week, just so they get use to their new home. But I don't really know. I only have 1 guinea pig. Its just what I would do.
I think tha'ts what I'll do.. I'm partial to my Benny (just named him, isn't it cute? :D) I was just cuddling w/ him, and I'm sure he'll do just fine as long as my husbands (no-named) little meanie is away from him.. :D so I'm sure I'll keep them separated. I could never subject my Benny to that.

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