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Mattress Pad Best towels


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Sep 14, 2009
I have used fleece for a few years now and though I love the reusable side of fleece, the hair that just does not come off of fleece has really began to bother me. So I've decided to try something new, a lot like what Momo of Momo's Piggery does.

My plan is this:
Bottom layer - cage blanket (batting sewn in between cotton)
Middle layer - UHaul furniture pad
Top layer - towel

The issue I'm having is finding towels that are at least 28" wide. It's probably too much to ask, but I would like to find towels that fit 2x3 and 2x4 C&C cages pretty much perfectly. I will have to change the towels daily or every other day, so I will need to have many sets. That means I need affordable towels too.

Do any of you know of good places to find towels that fit well? I haven't checked out Target yet, but looking around online hasn't really turned up much.

These fit well but are kind of expensive: (broken link removed). These beach towels might work too: (broken link removed).

Does anyone do what I do? Can anyone share ideas for using towels?
Would hair come off towels any easier than fleece? And won't the towels just stay wet?
I am just warning you that towels stink! Before I was able to buy fleece I used towels for a couple months. I had to change them twice a day because they stunk so bad. They also get very damp with pee and the piggies get stained pretty bad as well.
I think you're imagining the towels being wet and stinky as they would be after several day. But if they are changed frequently I don't think it would be an issue. I feel like with my pigs it wouldn't stink up that quickly, but I may be proven wrong! If I change the towels daily, I don't think smell would be an issue, at least not with my pigs. I use towels in parts of my cages (kitchen areas) already and have noticed that hair and hay do come off easier than fleece.
Yeah man, stinky!

Also, the constant washing and the rough treatment is really hard on towels. I'd buy them from a thrift store. You'll get much better quality, even used, than from new cheap towels.
If you have towels on the top, they'll be sitting on a damp surface when they pee. Fleece wicks moisture down to the absorbent layer so the top fleece layer feels dry. Uhaul pads, cotton batting and towels are basically the same thing: 100% cotton. All three layered would be the same as having multiple layers of any of the three. Droppings stick more to cotton than they do fleece. When I shake out my fleece, they fall right off but when they get under my fleece they stick to the uhaul padding.
I know they arnt the same, But for about 2 weeks I had to use towels for my rats because i ran outta fleece (they chew SOO much)
I changed every 2-3 days and they held the wetness and the odor so much more than fleece.
My pigs go to the bathroom 90% of the time in their hay boxes (with bedding inside) and their hideys which have pads. The owner of Momo's Piggery does towels over puppy pads over the cage blankie and changes the towels daily and she wouldn't do it if smell and wetness were issues. She has a YouTube video of her cage setup too. I really don't think it will be an issue for me if I change the towels every single day.
I am just giving you my experience with towels because you did ask if anyone else does it and I did. Maybe I just have a sensitive nose, everyone does bug me that I am a bit ocd/clean freak :crazy: but really they get soaked in pee and it doesn't dry like fleece does. I really did have to change out their cage twice a day, every 12 hours. With the fleece I clean it out every 2-3 days depending on my time and how messy the cage is.
wouldn't the towels be rougher on their feet as well? and if they don't wick moisture away as well, staying rough and wet, i would worry leading to bumblefoot.
Well, I will try out the towels and see if it works out or not. If it is wet and stinky I can just switch back to liners.
The Big One® Bath Towels

These are cheap towels. I can't comment on the quality, but there are usually 20% off coupons available at any time for Kohls that you can use in addition to the sale. They do go one sale for slightly less than this every now and then too.
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