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Cleaning Best Spray Cleaner?


Cavy Slave
Jun 4, 2012
After I remove the fleece for washing what is the best spray to clean the hard surface? I have been using Lysol spray but not sure its doing the best job.

Thank You!
I use the 'Healthy Habitat Spray' by 'Natural Chemistry'. It works really well at removing urine stains, and disinfecting. I like it a lot, and you can pick it up at Pet Supplies Plus.
I've read that a mixture of one part vinegar to one part water works well (I use the mixture myself). It helps to add a bit of lemon or lime juice to the mixture to cover up the vinegar smell a bit.

Edit: It can also help to use a spray bottle.
I put plain, undiluted vinegar in a spray bottle for coroplast cleaning. Vinegar is supposed to be antibacterial, but how much of that property is lost when you dilute? I rather use it straight. It's sure cheap enough!
A 50/50 mix of water/vinegar works to clean and disinfect the coroplast.
i mix vinegar with water in a spray bottle and that does the trick
Yeah, vinegar and water is what I use. :)
How long do you leave the spray on, or do you leave it then wipe it clean?
Yeah, vinegar and water is what I use. :)
How long do you leave the spray on, or do you leave it then wipe it clean?

If you have dried urine stains, use pure vinegar and let the spot soak in it or just saturate the area and let it sit for awhile. The vinegar will dissolve the stain. I use one cup of vinegar and laundry detergent in my wash cycle but spray down my cage with 50/50 vinegar and water each time I change the fleece. I wipe it down before I replace the bedding.
Like people have said, a 50% Water and clear Vinegar mix is the best.


You can dilute the Vinegar as much as you want, it will still have the same affect. I doubt that it hurts them if you use it straight, but some have been irritated by it I believe. So just to be safe.
I'm new to pigs but I've always used Nature's Miracle for my rats and hamsters.
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