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Frustrated Best choice for a baby male guinea pig?


Cavy Slave
Feb 15, 2012
Long story short my female guinea pig was pregnant when I got her and I was unaware until a few days before the birth. (I in no way wanted to promote breeding but now all I can do is give them my best care!) It's been almost two weeks and I'm pretty sure I have two female babies and one male.

If this is the case, what is the best option for the male?
  1. Keep him separated by himself?
  2. Neuter him and keep with one of the females?
  3. Surrender him to the local shelter?
I reeeeeally do not want to give him up, but otherwise he will be lonely or undergo the risks of neutering.

And I'd love to just adopt another older male from the shelter but then I'd have six, the five I have is enough to handle. I just don't know what to do with this poor guy. :weepy:

Please give me your honest opinion, I will greatly appreciate it!
If you can afford a neuter from a very good, experienced vet, the risks of complications are pretty low, and the risk of death from complications is extremely low (but not 0%). I had my male neutered (same situation, I bought a pregnant female, thankfully she only had one baby!) and he did very well. The downside is that the male will have to be separated from the females until 3-4 months of age (depends on the vet, I got mine neutered at exactly 3 months but he was 760 grams) and he will have to remain separated until AT LEAST 2 weeks after his surgery.
I would get him neutered and see if he will bond with one of the girls. I wouldn't give him to a shelter unless it was a no-kill and had decent care for him. The cold calculus on that would be -- given a choice between neutering and a kill shelter -- is that an intact boar at a kill shelter has less of a chance at survival than a boar getting neutered at a good exotic vet. At least in my area, small animals are kind of disposable at a lot of shelters.

If he doesn't get on with one of your girls, and he's neutered, he'll probably stand a better chance of being adopted if you put him on Craig's List or otherwise re-home him.

We have one pig that is a loner, a very assertive Aby, but her cage is up against the other pigs' cage. So far she (violently) loathes other pigs in her pen and won't bond. But I think that's the exception and that your boar would get lonely.
If you can afford a neuter and want to go ahead with that option (something to think about...), make sure you call around for experienced vets who are good but don't charge an arm and a leg for a neuter. I called ~20 vets, and only 4 were both experienced and good with guinea pig neuters. Of these 4 vets, prices ranged from $100-$350. I got my pig neutered for $100, and the vet did an excellent job.
Once he's old enough, you'll have to keep him separated anyway. I've never had a neutered male, but I think a lot of it depends on how savvy the vet is and if your gp can handle the surgery. A friend would be great for him, but don't stretch yourself too thin. Surrendering to the shelter would be sad :sad: but I think it would be even sadder if he had no friend, wasn't neutered, and lived with a bunch of girls. So I guess I would say... if you can't fit in a friend, see if you can fit in a neutering, and if you don't want to risk that, give him a second chance at the shelter :eek:ptimist:
Thank you all for your input! Everyone has such good points. I was leaning towards neutering but I read online that it is a high risk procedure and am afraid that he'd be that percent that dies! I can afford it, providing the cost isn't extreme. My main worry is finding a cavy savvy vet that's trustworthy.
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