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Bermuda hay?


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Dec 24, 2004
right now the only hay that i can afford, that isn't from a petstore, is bermuda(sp?) hay which i can get from my uncle for free(he has 12 horses). I haven't gotten any from him yet but I need to know if its okay before i do/dont. if i dont get the b.h. from him then i have to buy it from a pet store.
Bermuda hay is fine, that's what I get locally and my girls really like it.
ChattyCoCo said:
Bermuda hay is fine, that's what I get locally and my girls really like it.
my pigs don't seem to be eating it. i put a large pile in thier cage but it doesn't seem to have been touched. =/ help?
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Give them time. If they are used to eating a different type of hay then it could be why they aren't immediately attracted to the bermuda. My girls were fed that first so it is what they are used to.

I should also say maybe you could get a bit of the kind of hay they are used to and mix a small bit of that in with the bermuda and see if they might eat it then.
An interesting point about Bermuda grass, it contains high amounts of xanthophylls. This is what makes your egg yoke yellow and can cause a yellowing effect in white guinea pigs who consume large amounts of it. The xanthophyll that might be responsible for this is lutein. It is an orange xanthophyll that occurs in plants, animal fat, and egg yolk. I have never seen this happen personally, but then again, I've never fed large amounts of Bermuda to my white chinchillas or guinea pigs. Just an interesting fact!
It is interesting. I have a himalayan pig and she consumes large amounts of bermuda hay but she does not have any type of yellowing effect. Her fur is still as white as always.
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