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General Beeding Piggies


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Apr 16, 2012
I am aware of the fact that this is a hot topic. I have no intention of breeding piggies at any time. I am open to any input you may have, but please don't attack me. I'm only asking this because I feel I need to have a solid rock to stand on where breeding is concerned. I have been looking at the adoption form and it asks for my view on breeding. So I have to ask this question so I can be prepared when the time comes. So here it is

What is the general consensus on breeding piggies? I know it can be risky, I just read a post were two babies were born as miscarriages. That's horrible, no doubt, but what exactly are all the risks involved?

In my area, piggies are a rare find. I have found one rescue an hour from me that has no main building but is a string of foster care homes. (The rescue I would like to adopt from.) They only have one set of piggies and one single, handicapped piggy to choose from. With so few possibilities available, under direct supervision of a vet, why isn't breeding guinea pigs ethical? Besides the fact that most rescued piggies have been through enough. I'd thought of that, but I feel I need more. They also don't have the same over population problem as cats and dogs.

Again, I'm not looking for biting words, I'm looking for facts. I'm not breeding or planning on breeding, I'm only looking for an understanding of the facts so that I know what I'm talking about when asked. Thank you! :D
Well first off, lots of moms that are breed die (I think I heard it was like 20%) Which is a big part of it. Also if the breeder does not know much about pig genetics, they can get Lethal white guinea pigs, who are born with bad health problems. To learn more about that you can read here: https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/4190/ Plus breeders often do not care about the pigs. They are in it for the money, and if a pig gets sick, they can simply be thrown away. Breeders often do not have the right size cages, or toys for the guinea pigs to play with. If you think about it, breeders may have about 50 guinea pigs at once, that would be a TON of toys to buy and HUGE cages for them, so they just stick them in small little cages where they can't really move freely.

Phoenix and Godric (Two of my piggies) Came from a breeder before I new rescuing was better. They were also very unsocial, and it took TONS of time and work to get them to be ok with me. However when I rescued piggies, the second I picked them up for the first time, they laid down in my lap and purred.

At first I also thought there were no rescues near me, as I live basically in the middle of no where, then I found out that there were really tons, so if you wouldn't mind telling us all, ruffly where you live, I bet we could find you a few rescues around where you to rescue a pig in need from. :D
Thanks for the excellent information, girls. Probably all I'll need to be able to be informed about piggy breeding. And I am going over the material very carefully. So far, I'm still reading the first link (and the links on that page) kananka listed.

I live 45 minutes North West of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The rescue I worked for was called Christine's Critter Cafe. We had a falling out and I had ethical problems with her establishment. She is most local, but I don't feel confident adopting from there. Besides her or West Michigan Critter Haven (the rescue I've been looking at any way), what is available in my area? And thank you for your assistance. I do appreciate the friendly helping hand. :D
Another question: why is sexing guinea pigs so hard? I've seen a video on how to do it and it seems clearly obvious to me, but I'm finding a lot of people who say they sexed the piggies wrong. As I stated before, I am not interested in breeding guinea pigs, only getting the legs to stand on against breeding. I would not breed on purpose, and I don't want any accidents. How can I be sure a guinea pig is the right gender? (Right being defined as the same as the others I'm responsible for. I haven't found preference on male/female yet.)
See Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig.

When they're young, guinea pig penises sometimes have to be extruded to be seen. But usually by the time they're 10 days or so old, it's beginning to be more obvious.
There is a wonderful page about how to properly sex a piggie on guinea lynx. its: www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm I had a little boy that wasn't sexed properly which led to my guinea pig charlies first pregnancy. I looked as well as the lady who was giving me the pig, and we both thought it was a female, because I didn't know what to do to get a confimed answer, even vets sometimes make mistakes. BUT it is possible to be sure once you get the hang of it.
Re: Breeding Piggies

@bpatters page- Wow! I can really see why it would be so hard to tell the difference between males and females. They can really look like they've got each other's parts. :( I hope I can get a good vet that will be able to tell the difference. Maybe I'll drop in at Christine's (the only person I know with guinea pigs and a rescuer) and see if she can tell me the gender after looking for myself and asking for a vet's help. I don't know, maybe I'll even post pics on here (allowed?) to be sure I know the gender.

Ummm... the last two people to post posted the same link. :eye-poppi
yes pics are allowed of Guinea pigs "genders". :eek:
You can also contact your local humane society and different rescues in your state. I was surprised to see a guinea pig listed in western MI awhile back that was being fostered in Ann Arbor. Don't overlook the ones in Rochester and Warren. I think there might be one in Plymouth, too. Contact them all and they might even meet you half way to do an adoption. I went to college in Grand Rapids and lived in Canton until I got married. I love MI and really miss it.
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