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Cavy Slave
Apr 28, 2012
Hi all, I am new here and have 3 female cavies: gardenia, Coco, and Hoohoo (yes, named by my 2 year old). I've used regular bedding for the last year, but am considering a fabric flooring in the cage. What do most people use? Fleece? Is there anything else to consider? Would this be a daily changing or equally as frequent as shavings?
Welcome! :D Fleece with towels or U-Haul pads under it are what most people use. You can also consider half and half as I and some other people do, I have found that it works really well for my piggies. It really depends on the size of cage you have, as to when you need to clean it. For my 40 square foot cage, with four piggies, the cage would only need to be fully cleaned out about once every 2 weeks, because they rarely go to the bathroom on the fleece, only the bedding, but I chose to just clean the whole cage every week. If you have the minimum sized cage for your pigs, you may have to clean it twice a week or more, so it really depends.
Thank you! I wonder if fleece sewn to towels would work well? What is a U-haul pad--is that something that just gets scrubbed in the tub? This might be the way to go! Crazy as it sounds, I wonder if wool somehow in the fleece-towel mix would be good. Wool being a antibacterial fabric and used for baby diaper covers.
What do you think?
Yep, you can sew it to the towels, or just lay down the towels and put the fleece over it. There are also things call "Piggy bed spreads" which are fleece and some other absorbent layer, you can order those online. I think this is what people are talking about when they say U-Haul pads, though I'm not sure as I have never used them: (broken link removed) Not sure about the wool, someone else would have to answer that, as I've never heard of wool being used sorry.
I could be wrong, but I don't see why any absorbent material used in cloth diapering wouldn't also work for pig bedding.

Wool might be more pricey than some other materials,though. You'd need a lot of it for the recommended cage sizing.
I use the U-haul blankets but if I had to do it again, I would probably just use old towels. The U-haul blankets/pads shrink a lot when washed and fall apart a lot as well. I would suggest you try towels if you have some old ones you don't use.
I have had no issues with shrinkage with my uhaul pads or falling apart, but I am only weeks into it. @ (broken link removed) you should read the https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/21568/ its is all about fleece bedding and what to do/use.
Thank you all! Great info--so glad I joined!
I have a THEORY of using minky with something absorbant under it. Right now I'm using fleece but I'm going to try mini minky blankets in my gp's "kitchen" to see if the hay sticks to it less. Minky would be more expensive than fleece liners in most cases but it might be worth it if less hay sticks (in my opinion). Fleece is definatly easier and cheaper in the long run compared to carefresh or wood chips/pellets, etc. Welcome to the forum BTW :)
hi! im new here too, but i just thought id come and give ,y opinion. ive used fleece and wood shaving and i personally liked wood shavings best, although my piggie seems to like fleece better. the problem with fleece is that you have to clean it AT LEAST 3 times a day, which i didnt mind, but the thing that bothered me was that until i came home and cleaned the cage, my piggie ran around, lied down and ate on his poop! it sometimes even stuck between his foot! so i now use wood shavings and every now and then (mostly every day) i take out wet parts or dirty parts with poop and put new wood wavings :) hope it helps!
oops! typo! i wanted to write he stepped on his poop! i also wanted to write that he would maybe throw around some of his pellets and he would eat on top his poop AND stepped on his poop, i got confused!;) sorry for the misunderstanding!
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