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Bedding Bedding Types? What do you prefer?


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Jan 28, 2010
I have been using carefresh, but it gets expensive. I was just wondering what types of bedding you guys use and why? I have been thinking about switching to fleece, since I used aspen bedding before but it made my little one sneeze.
Right now I use Carefresh in 1/3 of my 2x4 c&c cage, then fleece in the other 2/3. I agree about Carefresh being so expensive, which is why I ordered 2 piggy bedspreads to fit my entire cage! I cannot wait to get them next week (they took 5 weeks from time of ordering, but I hear the wait is worth it). The way I got my husband to agree to buying these is that I calculated that one bedspread is the cost equivalent of 6 bags of Carefresh, which we went through in one month when we used to fill the entire cage with it. Even with the current set-up we're still using too much, plus changing the cage takes sooooo long. The fleece is very difficult for me to get just right. I'm a thin, fit woman and I have to take breaks and I sweat while trying to get the new fleece set up correctly. And even once it's done, my pigs are burrowers and find their way under the fleece. They wont be able to do that with the bedspreads because those have sides that you wrap up and over the sides. The woman can make it custom to any cage, even pet store cages, you just have to email her. She's very nice.
I use fleece combo for my cages but under the hay racks I have litter pans that have shavings & carefresh. The main reason I've always used this is because it's cheaper and I have a few special needs piggies that can get around on the fleece better.
For loose bedding, we prefer CareFresh. But, like you mentioned and others, it is far too expensive and really not worth the cost. We recently stumbled across the piggy bedspreads, and are going to switch to that method. Our only concern is the odor (as we would only change the bedspread once a week). But, ultimately, I think it will be worth it.
I have 3/4 fleece and 1/4 aspen for the kitchen area.

Fleece is a lifesaver.

There's a whole thread about it, actually...
Fleece with litter boxes ALL THE WAY!!!!
Me too, fleece with kitchen areas filled with 100% recycled kitty litter. Wouldn't do it any other way because even though fleece can be a pain in the bum sometimes it is a lot cheaper.
Another vote for fleece with litter boxes. I use a layer of wood pellets and a layer of Yesterday's News.
I got lazy cleaning litter boxes so now I use fexed boxes and replace them every week.
I kind of like the idea of using throw away boxes ;) Not sure I'd do it, I'm too much of a recycler. It even kills me to throw away the newspaper that is under my carefresh. I know I'm a bit nutty. One of my reasons for using fleece is environmental.
I use aspen for my cage. It's easily replaced and it isn't very expensive. Also I really just don't like carefresh.

I'd consider using fleece (mostly for the environment) but my parents aren't sold. Plus I really don't think it'd be right for us.

It really comes down to personal preference.
It definitely comes down to personal preference, and the health of the pig.

There are mixed messages about using Aspen. Some places I hear it's ok, other places say it's as bad as other wood shavings. Last fall when we got our oldest piggie, the pet store told us that Aspen was fine for pigs. So I bought it. Then our piggie got a fungal infection 2 weeks later on her snout and lost all the hair on her snout and the exotic vet told us the fungus was from using the Aspen bedding and we should not use that. That Carefresh was their only bedding recommendation. It took 2 months of rubbing cream on her snout twice a day for the fungus to go away and her hair to start growing back. She squealed every time we had to do it and it was a pain in the rear to do it for so long. So my advise is to stay away from all wood shavings. Sorry :(
I've never had a problem with aspen and everything I've read on it says it's safe unlike pine or cedar.
That's exactly why I used it to begin with, but there were some places that did say it still wasn't good and could still have the potential to harbor fungus. Then when we had our experience with fungus and our exotic vet said it was from the Aspen (this was this past September) we decided against using it any longer. I'm sure many people use it with no problems and we may have just gotten a bum bag, but I'm also sure we're not the only ones. The potential is there for sure, that's all.
I use fleece & I love it. I would never switch back to traditional bedding. Fleece is so much easier to clean for me & I don't have to waste money on a bag of bedding every week.
I bought some fleece blankets yesterday. We have been doing Carefresh but we're switching to fleece as well. We're upgrading our GP into a C&C here in the next week (the sign store had to order the sheet of coro for the size I wanted).

Is fleece okay even if you don't use a liter pan? I don't have a liter pan in their cage right now.

I have half a bag of Carefresh left and I am doing a complete cage cleaning tomorrow. I am thinking of a puppy pad on the bottom, then a layer of Carefresh and then fleece. I will be scooping out wet carefresh and changing the puppy pad every other day and getting rid of poop every day.
I don't see why you'd want to use Carefresh under fleece. You be saving more money by using towels, matress pads or any other washable absorbent fabric. Plus Carefresh would probably stick to fleece like crazy (making it harder to prepare fleece for washing).
I like fleece. But my pigs don't use their litter box :(.
Most pigs can not be litter trained. They do however, typically go to the toilet where they eat. Therefore if you have a litter box or kitchen area with their food in it, you should find that a lot of they do a lot of their business in this area. Unlike my bunny, I do have to sweep up poops in the fleece area once a day, change their kitchen area every other day and totally change the fleece once a week.
I don't see why you'd want to use Carefresh under fleece. You be saving more money by using towels, matress pads or any other washable absorbent fabric. Plus Carefresh would probably stick to fleece like crazy (making it harder to prepare fleece for washing).
That's true. I just wanted to use up the Carefresh.

I thought about the sticking to the fleece thing, which would make it a pain to clean.
My favorite litter box bedding has to be Barn Dry. It's a wood pellet made for barn stables. I buy a 40 lb bag for just over $5, and it lasts several bedding changes. It also keeps the dust down, and lasts longer between changes than wood shavings like Aspen, or paper based beddings like Carefresh.
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