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General Bedding everywhere!!

Amber Gates

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Dec 1, 2011
So this week I adopted a new male piggy (I'll post more about him later lol) and he is VERY skittish!! I can move at my desk and he'll go flying into the nearest hut or tunnel. It's really bad and I'm thinking it's because his previous owners didn't pay much attention to him at all (that's why they gave him up). I guess he's not used to human interaction. Anyway, I've read yalls posts about trying to get a guinea pig to warm up to you so we're working on that :). Now, the problem I would like to solve is that because he's so crazy, everytime he takes off running he throws bedding everywhere. I just have a one story C&C cage. I'm wondering if anybody has any ideas on how to contain the bedding within the cage as much as possible. I would like to switch to fleece but I live in an apartment without a washer and dryer and I've read you have to clean them a lot so that might be a problem. He usually only throws bedding out of the same corner and naturally it's one of the back corners and the bedding gets thrown behind my tv stand and other places hard to clean out haha. So, any ideas??
What bedding are you using?
You could make slightly higher coroplast sides, or switch to a heavier bedding like wood pellets (for stables, or used for stove burning without added lighter fluid & additives) or paper based pellets like Yesterdays news.
if it seems to be in only one place maybe you could try putting something in that corner like a hut. Or maybe like the person said previously make slightly higher cloroplast sides along the side that your guinea pig kicks the bedding out.
I'd suggest just getting some coroplast or even cardboard and covering the entire corner so then it can't fly out.
or as said above-put a hidey in the corner to prevent him from getting so close to the corner.
Good luck
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