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Bedding Bedding and other stuff?


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Nov 3, 2011
Which bedding do you prefer?
No fleece please (parents only let me have a piggy if it doesn't stink up so I thought bedding was best for that)

Also, a good website which i can buy all the stuff for my piggy?
(Toys, Bedding, etc)
You can start by looking here for basic information on bedding. Bedding

Now, with personal experience the only dry bedding I ever used that really held in the smell is Carefesh and it goes for like $35 a bag, and you will easily use a bag or more for a two pig cage. Right now, I use aspen shavings in their litter box and aim to change it out every 4 days or so to keep it fresh and clean. And I have to say it, regardless to what you believe fleece is superior to all other bedding in basically ever aspect, haha. As long as you wash it correctly it does not smell for 5 to even 10 days depending on what you use as absorbency. At least look into fleece as an option, because financially loose bedding is ridiculous to buy 4 times a month.
I get random items for my pigs from pet stores and online from like amazon and Small Pet Supplies: Quality Supplies For All Types of Small Pets is a good site too.
I'll think about the fleece. What would you recommend as absorbency?
I would go with mattress pads or Uhaul furniture Pads U-Haul: Moving supplies: Furniture Pad

Towels smell horrible after only a few days, so do not go with those. Unless you have really plush, really good quality ones which then it's too expensive.
If odor is your main concern, you can't beat wood pellets. You do have to put small fleece pads or cozies or something in for them to sleep on, because the pellets are hard, and those have to be changed more often than the cage. But I have zero odor problems using wood pellets.
Sorry for the hijack but bpatters when you say wood pellets do you mean the ones that people burn to heat their house? If yes how easy is it to find during warm weather? Do you have to buy enough during the winter to last until the following winter?
CLV71, sorry I didn't see this until I got your PM -- it's been a busy day and I just missed it.

Yes, I do mean the ones that you can use to heat your house, or burn in outdoor wood stoves. They're also made to use as horse bedding, but I think those are about a dollar a bag more expensive although they're the same thing.

I assume it's also true in other areas, but here they are definitely a seasonal item. Of course, we only have two months of winter, so that's a long time to keep stove fuel on the shelves when it's not needed. If I don't get all I need for the summer and fall by the middle to the end of February, I'm just out of luck. As it happens, I'm going this week to load up on enough to last me for a year.

I also assume that if you can find someone who supplies horse farms, that it's a year-round item for them. But there aren't any horses near me, so I don't really know.
i normally use wood shavings and hay, i normally put that all over there cage but it gets really messy and goes all over my floor! ive just used fleece for the first time today! i hope it goes well!
Fleece is at the bottom of my list for keeping the smell contained. It's cute, the guinea pigs really seem to like it but it is alot of work and it does smell. If it wasn't for Ben's deformed feet I wouldn't use it.

In order of best to worse in terms of smell:

1) Wood Pellets
2) Yesterday's News
3) Apsen/Pine Shavings
4) Fleece
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