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Bedding Alternative


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Dec 19, 2004
I'm currently using pinewood shaving and it's really a mess when my piggies are the well-known "bedding kicker"... they really have strong hind legs which kick the bedding high and far when they escape... so I'm seeking alternative...

Fleece, I'm not sure whether it's called that in Malaysia... I'm going to find it out... is there any other alternatives that I don't need shavings as the bedding? I've heard people using towels... and they change them everyday... I find it a bit inconvenient too as I do not have a washing machine... so is there any other alternatives? Thanks
towels qand fleece are pretty much the same i think.Maybe you could heighten the sides of your cage with cardboard or extra coroplast. Have you made a c&c cage yet?
Yes, I've made one... maybe I'll try to heighten up the sides then... but I think I'm still looking forward to having an alternative bedding...
you can make "cage pads" that are fleece-cotton batting(the stuf the use to line quilts with)- towels. Some people just use fleece-newspaper. Othere use fleece towels fleece. With fleece you still have to change them every two-three days. You could make four or five pads, that way even if you dont wash them your pigs dont have a dirty cage.
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