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Became a Guinea Pig Mom


Cavy Slave
Apr 3, 2012
Hi I'm Meagan--I got my first Guinea Pig (Alarm) last Thursday and everything was great until Saturday and it began having seizure type activity (with this rolling in the corner and drooling)--none of our vets were open because it was late in the day--so I took her back to the store and they made her comfortable and hopefully by now she is in a better place!!

Yesterday my husband and I got 2 new guinea pigs from another store (these two look much healthier than the first one) Reese's (teddy bear) and Ginger. I have them set up in a 2X3 but i will be ordering the bigger coroplast to fit a 2x5 (or whatever size I need for 2). Right now my set-up is a mix of Aspen shavings and the odor absorbing material stuff along with one feeding bowl and 2 water bottles--I also have a hiding hut and a tunnel.

Right now they are SO skittish I was only able to hold them about 30 sec each the first day. The next morning I was able to give Reese's a slice of an orange but when I offered one to Ginger she wanted nothing to do with it and ran to the other side of the cage.

I am interested in trying the fleece--if anyone has suggestions on how to set that up and to hopefully keep the pee and poop in one area--I would greatly appreciate it. Also are there any suggestions on how to get them used to be handled. THanks in advance for any suggestions--this new Momma is eager to make her piggies happy and comfortable.
Yeah, sadly - petstores often sell sick, pregnant or even missexed guineapigs to unsuspecting people. One of the many reasons (in addition to be connected to breeding mills) that we don't support petstores here.

A 2X5 will be great for 2 pigs! Good work on that!

Guinea pigs are skittish by nature. They are prey animals and will instinctually run away from perceived danger. If your pigs are very young, even moreso.

As wood shavings go, aspen is a good choice. What "odor absorbing stuff" is it that you are using?

Fleece is a good option for bedding. Have you checked out "The Fleece Project"? for preparation instructions?
I am using CareFRESH. I did check it out after I wrote this- very helpful!
Carefresh is a very good bedding but can get expensive. It's also not as dust-free as they claim on the bag. But good with odor control and absorption.

You don't really need to use it in addition to the aspen. One or the other is fine.
@GandR4212, so sorry to hear about your pet store experience. My pet store piggy lasted two weeks and a day, which was long enough for my husband and I to get wildly attached to him before he died. I know you already bought two more piggies, but in the future I urge you to look into adoption. I didn't know that was possible until I came here shortly after buying Mufasa. I got my current girl, Leela, from the humane society after he died.

For handling, I'm no expert but I handled Mufasa consistently in the time he was with us, and he quickly learned to love lap him. He'd also come over to me during floor time after running around. I usually gave him a treat when I went to pick him up so he'd have a good association, and that taught him to like human hands. It's all about giving lots of attention and being patient.
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