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Fighting Battling Boars... newly introduced


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Nov 29, 2011
I have read the Guinea Pig social life page :)
I messed up in doing multiple 'dates' and not putting them together after the first one.
I did put them together yesterday, in the cage as they had been living side by side in it with a grid wall. I took out the wall.

We have 2 boys and are trying to add a third

The chasing and mounting were ok.
But I noticed teeth chattering this afternoon.
And tonight... hackles raised and a LOT of chattering, a little face nipping, more chasing and mounting (just the new guy and the one original guy).
I happened to look over and see new boy 'yawn'... uh-oh.
And then they FLEW. I thought one was going over our 14" grid.
I leaped up and got there after the third flying attack.

I put the wall back for safety and separated them, but right now they are still facing off through the grid, hackles up, teeth chattering and lunging at the grid.

I am going to make a fleece curtain over it for the night to block their sight of each other.

But now what?!
The bath?
These two boys are pretty hardcore, neither one wants to back off and the third boy is getting humped mercilessly :(
They have spent multiple hours together in a neutral space, and then 36 in the cage together (I know it isn't long but it is escalating, rather than petering out).... please tell me this can work out?

All three are stressed and so am I!
How old are they? And how large is the cage? You may have to wait until the hormones die down before you can put them together.
They original boys are about 4-5 months old and the new boy us about 6 weeks younger-- definitely all hormonal!
The cage is 28 x 52" and we were adding a second level this weekend. It may have to become an upstairs apartment?
When do the hormones settle?
If they have to live apart for now, can ghey still have floor time together with supervision? Or just seperate lives totally?
Thanks for the help!
That size cage is the minimum recommended for two pigs, so trying to put three in it may not work. A second level may not help as much as you'd think, because they still have to get past each other to get up and down the ramps.

Wider and flatter is always better with boars -- they can keep from getting in each other's faces that way.

As to when the hormones die down -- 18-24 months. You really wanted to hear that, didn't you? ;)

Some separated pigs do ok with floor time, and others don't. You'll just have to try it and see what happens. Do have a towel or a dustpan handy to separate them if you need to.
LOL no, not the right answer!
I think we'll build the top level as a second apartment, distinct from the base level (no interaction), for now, so the third fellow can live up there!
just a warning, be careful when picking up each one when mad. I found out the hard way. You can read on biting I messed up and paid for it.
Thanks for the warning, sorry you got hurt :(

Tonight I stripped down the cage and washed everything and vingar soaked it and then used some lemon flavour oil we have here (candy flavouring) to wipe it down again and put some carefresh on the oil so it would spread the scent when kicked up LOL

And then we did the buddy bath.... it wasn't too difficult to do, although once they figured they could leap out of the sink I had to move fast! I used my daughter's no more tears type shampoo (mango scented).

The orange and white little guy is the newbie, the big white dude is his nemesis, and the chocolate cream fellow is caught in the crossfire.

After the bath I chased them around together in the bathroom with the blow dryer, got them dry and dabbed a little lemon on their heads and cheeks. For added insurance they got a spray down with natural hair detangler (all edible ingredients) ~ oatmeal vanilla scented.

So these fellow are mango, lemon, oatmeal scented, fluffy, clean and in a newly rearranged (totally flipped the floor plan, took out evrything but the hideys) cage and too exhausted to fight.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Battling Boars... newly introduced[GuineaPigCages.com] Battling Boars... newly introduced
So everything crossed that this does the trick for them!:)
Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
LOL I happened to scroll down to the picture that you are holding the piggy - my three year old just walked up talking in a squeeky voice "put me down, I don't want to go in the bath again". She's intrigued that pigs can take baths (I usually don't bathe mine when she is up... bad idea).
LOL I think that is exactly what he was thinking!
Well,we had about an hour of peace... and then the big guy started chattering and chasing the little guy again. The two smaller boys actually like each other, I believe.
But the big guy is NOT giving in.
The new guy is super agile and can out-run the big one and jump out of the way, but the bath was definitely NOT a fix.

My experience is with dogs... so if the new boy accepts his lower position, doesn't fight back, will things ease up? With male dogs, once the order is established it usually calms down as long as everyone stays in their place...
yep just let them figure out their order. unless one is not getting to eat or one is bleeding then remove and try again later.
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