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General Bar Chewing?


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Cavy Slave
Oct 9, 2011
Well, Leo decided that another thing that he could do to get my attention is chewing on the bars of his C&C cage. I don't mind much, but it's starting to get out of control. I finish feeding him his veggies = bar chewing. I say good night and finish petting him = bar chewing. Why does he do this? He has plenty of hay and a wooden hidy, so he's got things to chew on besides the bars. Do any of your pigs do this?
My pigs do this when I walk into the room. I agree with you, it's a call for attention. It's him saying, 'Hey human! I need something!'
mines bar chews all the time. but i think it is because the girl's cage is beside, which made them want to go over the the other side (?) anyways my cage has a cover ^_^
I have 2 that chew the bars only when they see me getting the greens out. I think it's their way of saying ..hurry hurry...faster faster...we are starving!!!
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