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Chat Banned


Cavy Slave
Apr 2, 2022
Well, I attempted to report the arabic thread as a spam post. For my efforts I appear to be banned. 7 years and a few thousand posts down the drain.

I know it's a long shot, but is there any way to unban the account? It said reason for ban: not specified

No time limit.

I don't understand how this happened.
This is exactly how my original ChicoandAmigo account got banned. It is some issue with the website. I reported spam and got banned myself. Never reported spam after that. Message bpatters but chances are everything is lost. My old account is lost too.

It is all an accident and a glitch sadly
I can't even express how much this hurts. All of the medical threads I posted for Sly, Punkin and Scooter. Their memorial threads. All gone. Sly's thread alone was almost two years worth and it was for future pig owners to maybe find some help in the event they found themselves in a similar situation.

7 years and several thousand posts. Gone.
I'll look into it as soon as I get to a computer. Can't do much on this tablet.
I messaged Teresa and asked her to look at it. The Admin screens don't show you as banned, but your posts don't show up at all.
I messaged Teresa and asked her to look at it. The Admin screens don't show you as banned, but your posts don't show up at all.

And some of my photos are still showing up in the galleries. All my threads and all my replies are gone.
Has there been any progress made, or has all been lost permanently?
Haven't heard from Teresa. Sorry. I'll email her later today.
Here's the situation. It was MY FAULT. MY ERROR. I accidentally moderated the post reporting the spam and not the spam post itself. I feel terrible. It was certainly unintentional. We have backups of the forum, but it's not so easy restoring specific threads/posts. I have tech support looking into. It's what happened to Spydoc by another moderator in the past, too.

I'll do everything I can to get the posts back. I apologize greatly. I'll keep you posted when I know more.
Also, just so you know, it must be pretty obvious, but this forum is hanging on by a thread when it comes to the software technology. It's been in a need of an entirely new platform for years now.
The software is extremely outdated. Off and on again, I've been trying to figure out a better platform to move to, but they all have issues and it's a HUGE HUGE project. It's not just the forum, we have an old and outdated photo gallery that has a lot of value that I want to try to keep intact as well. We have almost a million posts and just because some are old, doesn't mean they aren't valuable.

So, getting support and fixing things is just trying to keep the bandaids on so that we can stay functional until I have the bandwidth, time and money to spend solid weeks to months on a move.

And add to that the fact that the explosion of social media has all but kicked forums to the curb, it's tough slogging on finding a new solution that will meet the long list of requirements that we've enjoyed here in the past.

It's planned to move and do a dramatic upgrade. If someday something breaks terribly and the forum is down, it will be because of that. Unintentional software death. I hope I can figure out a path forward before that happens!
I appreciate all of your efforts, @CavySpirit.

This forum really is my second home, so I do hope that you're able to find a way to continue what you've started here. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

A lot of my content appears to have returned. No pictures or anything like that or none of the replies to my posts, and I cannot seem to access my Profile so far. But it looks as though great progress has been made and I thank you so much for that.

As for the error? Blame is unimportant. It was an accident and nothing more. Again, I greatly appreciate your efforts to restore everything, so thank you so very much for that.
Do you remember any other users whose posts were deleted as well? I can recover them if it didn't happen long ago, let me know
@4boipigs had this happen as well under the account ChicoandAmigo. It was about a year ago though, if memory serves me.
@Todo 10, 4boipigs had another user ID, which I can't remember. She couldn't login under her old one, so had to create a new one.

Spy9doc also had it happen to her, but it's been over a year.
@4boipigs had this happen as well under the account ChicoandAmigo. It was about a year ago though, if memory serves me.
The latest backup I have is from Aug 2021 and 4boipigs had 246 posts (less than today) so I doubt the posts were removed after then

ChicoAndAmigo had 0 posts in Aug 2021 so if his posts were deleted then I won't be able to recover them.

Any other user you want me to check?
Spy9doc also had it happen to her, but it's been over a year.

Thanks for remembering. Yes, I lost posts dating back to 2009, never to be recovered. All of a sudden I was listed as a "new user". Go figure!
I'm not too worried about getting old posts back. I can see some of my stuff on Wayback Machine, and that's good enough for me. This isn't the only place I posted about my pigs back then.
I think the problem happens when a mod or admin tries to Spam-O-matic a troll and gets the wrong user. I REALLY don't want to give up that function, but it might help if the screen displayed the user to be axed and made the mod/admin confirm that they have the right person.
The new system has its own way to moderate. Similar but different. Better options, actually. I just checked. Yes, when you go to ban (spam) someone, it brings up who it is very, very clearly. I don't think this will be an issue going forward.
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