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bald spot


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Cavy Slave
Oct 24, 2004
Both of my piggies got bald spot behine their left ear. It's very noticeable on Abu, and not so much on Bubu. Are all piggy got bald spot behind their ear? or maybe they were hurted when they were with the pervious owner?
Do they have bald spots behind their right ears too? Often times guinea pigs can have symmetrical bald spots behind their ears and it's completely natural.
That's normal.
Yep, it's normal, and as long as there isn't any redness, no sores, excessive scratching etc. it should be fine.
Yes, It's normal. Both my pigs have bald spots behind their ears.
but for Abu, it's a lot bigger on the left side. mm.. but they don't scratch that much though
Maybe it's just normal then. That's what I'd say. Just watch to be sure.
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