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Carefresh Baking soda and Sunseed Fresh World concerns?


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Jun 23, 2019
Sorry it's been so long and no post--- life's been busy, and I have happy piggies and had no more questions before now. Hope all the piggies and people are doing well here! :) this question I've already sort of asked, but came upon some new info in a guinea pig facebook group that concerned me...

We use a Critter Care/Carefresh paper bedding mix, with a little bit of Sunseed Fresh World paper bedding as a bottom layer. In the facebook group they had a warning about Fresh World, saying the small amounts of baking soda in Fresh World can still cause severe respiratory problems over time. They said Carefresh once added baking soda in 2014, and removed it a few months later after multiple small pet deaths and controversy. The group has always seemed to have good info, using guinea lynx for most sources.

Is this true? Should I be worried? Should I stop adding Fresh World, even though it's only a third of the bedding?

We mainly put i in kitchen areas where they pee the most. I asked the same questions of the admins in the group, and they said use none, period. I trust forum members here the most!
If there's even a small possibility they can inhale it, I'd stop using it immediately.
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