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General Bad News

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Feb 18, 2012
My Piggie Spike is a girl... and well my mum seems to believe she is already pregnant...D:< I am pretty stressed... I hope she isn't pregnant...D: Gah!!
Was she housed with males?
NO but I let her play with my male all the time...D:<
As long as you've been posting here, and as many times as we've recommended to someone that they check the sex of their pigs, you've never looked to see if they were males or females?

How old is Spike?

You need to be making other cage arrangements for the male now, because if he's in with the female when she gives birth, he'll impregnate her again immediately.
I didn't think to look because the lady I got him from said it was a boy..D: and I wasn't thinking.D:
My mum said older than 8 months. she was 6 to 8 weeks when we got her. and we have had her longer than 8 months.
She was caged alone they are caged in two seperate cages. My boy and girl because I was in the process of making a C&C cage then the boy started humping the other one and it made me worry and stuff so I brought her to my mum and she said it was a girl and that she thinks its pregnant...D: and they will be caged seperatly...D:
Wow, this seems to happen a lot.
I didn't know any better I thought the lady knew what she was talking about..
Read (broken link removed) and www.guinealynx.info/labor.html.

Line up a vet you can call in the middle of the night if she has trouble delivering.

Feed her like you would a very young pig -- alfalfa pellets and plenty of hay and veggies. A vitamin C supplement wouldn't be a bad idea.

Baby-proof the cage so the little ones can't get out or get their heads hung.

And never ever believe anyone else about a guinea pig's gender unless you've checked for yourself -- Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig should be required reading for anyone getting a new guinea pig.
Well I learned my lesson. And I hope she doesn't have trouble birthing the only vet is almost an hour away.D:
I will never get a pig unless I check for my self first. I wish I would have known../: I'm upset with my self for not knowing better..D:
Don't beat yourself up. Now all you can do is wait. If she is pregnant, you have all the information you need here to accomodate her and the babies. I hope everything goes well and mom and babies are healthy. Take a look at a lot of different pictures to make sure of what you have once they are born. I have heard of missexing a lot, so you're not alone. I adopted a baby girl from Craigslist a few weeks ago from a lady that had a boy and a girl (housed seperatly; luckily she knew better) and I'm pretty sure she thought I was nuts when I pulled out pictures of girl and boy pig parts to make sure that what I was getting was a girl. I was confidant that I had a girl when I left the house but only after I inspected both of those poor pigs for about 20 minutes. It was kind of funny but I DON'T want babies so I had to be sure instead of taking the word of someone else.
It'll be ok. Just be more careful with the babies.
Yeah I know it happens alot. I didn't think it would happen to me. But I guess no one does.:p
I dunno what I would do I have no more room for any more piggies.D: if she is pregnant Id have to fill my room with bedding and let them run free.D: haha.:p Not really i don't know where I would put another cage though. This is so stressful. I wish I would have known to look before I got it.
I'm sure you would have no problem rehoming them if you needed to. Post on here and I'm sure you'll get a bunch a replies.
Yeah. I had a dream that she had just two and one was a boy and was a girl and I kept them as company to her and my other pig. That would be nice I would keep them if she only had just two.
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