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Bonding Bad news/ Good news...


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Jun 27, 2006
First the bad news, we found out one of our sows (Moo) and one of our boars (Oliver) have URIs. The whole gang is being treated as a precaution so that they don't pass it to the other pigs who were starting to sound a big junky inside and just end up passing it back and forth. They're on .3 of Sulfa*something twice a day, and Bene-bac mid-day. It was also recommended that until they are off antibiotics for a few days to hold off on the fruit type treats that they get on fridays and stick with the lettuces and hardier veggies and also to add Timothy hay to the alfalfa so that they get more fiber while on the antibiotics. I'd already planned on adding in Timothy hay just because I felt they were getting too much alfalfa between the Oxbow pellets AND the alfalfa hay. They seem to all like the Timothy hay just fine and even squabble over any of the little tufts they find.
We also got their weights,
At 3mos 1wk Moo is 790g
At 3mos even Lucy is 670g
At 5wks Chester is 480g
At 5wks Oliver is 465g

I'm watching poos, eating habits and weights on all of them to keep an eye on how they're doing.

Now the good news.....
Tomorrow will be one week since we brought the boys home. They have been far more skittish than our girls were. But last night we had a minor breakthrough. Every morning they get fresh veggies and every evening as well. Usually in the morning they are both in the pigloo. In the evening they are usually wandering about but as soon as my hand enters the cage they scatter and hide. Until last night, last night I went to put some of the last of the red leaf we had in there and some romaine as well. Chester came right up and started eating the romaine while I was holding it. Then shortly after Oliver came over too and nibbled a few bites before running away. That is big progress since they would hide in their pigloo until no one was near their cage for the first two full days. We had to be at least 4 or 5 feet away or they'd run and hide. I take them out for playtime daily and they hid, I had lap time with them daily and they'd sit there frozen and I was worried I was stressing them out. I would regularly just open the side of the cage and set my hand in there and do nothing, so that they could run around and sniff me and see that the hand wasn't scary. I guess they're finally getting it. :)

Any suggestions on URI and any extra things I should be doing to make sure they're getting the best care while they get better I'd appreciate it. This is the first time ever I've had to worry about a URI.
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