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Bad Advice on TV


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Jun 9, 2005
On this past Sunday's episode of "Pet-Keeping with Marc Morrone", the host talked about guinea pigs (I was super-stoked!). Everything was going okay, even though he mostly glossed over topics and didn't give much detail about anything, until he got to the cage part. He had a medium-sized pet-store cage on the floor next to him and said that it was a perfect size for two guinea pigs! I swear ir looked like it was about 18" by 24"! I used to think that show was pretty good. Now I just think he's an idiot.

--Smoot, Peanut's mom
I hate crap like that.
He always gives bad advice. He is a breeder who owns a horrible pet store in NY, or somewhere around there. I hear it is an awful, smelly and overcrowded store.
What channel was this on? I haven't heard of this guy (thankfully).
He's syndicated. They show it on weekends usually. He used to be featured on Martha Stewart's shows.
Martha Stewart is still an executive producer of the show. I find it bizarre that he goes through the whole show with a giant parrot on his shoulder. I watched him clean out a rabbit cage with it on his shoulder the whole time. I wonder if Martha makes him keep the parrot there. Oh, and I wish he would tell people to seek out more information on their own. The amount of information he gives on the show is not nearly enough to keep a pet healthy.

Maybe the parrot is doing the show and he is just stuck underneath the parrot?
Maybe the parrot does all the thinking and calls all the shots. He might just be using the human for his hands. :)
I think you may be right!
But, would a parrot give out duff pet-care advice?
Maybe he had a bad experience as an egg and is wreaking revenge on piggie-kind.

Okay, I am going to go to bed now. I have clearly been up too long!
Well, we'll find out when a episode about parrots airs. If he reccomends 5 star treatment for parrots and bottom of the barel for pig then I think we know who the brains of the operation is :p
Wonder how the parrot feels about beavers?
Sabriel, I beg of you, stop making me laugh cos I've got bronchitis and IT HURTS!
Wow, I wish I was a funny in person as I am I writting. I'd have a good job as a comedian then.

Edit: It depends, is the parrot American or Canadian?
Last edited:
The parrot is clearly American. Surely if it was Canadian it would have mentioned my cousin Robert the Mountie?
The I don't think he would care for beavers much. He would be quite fond of eagles though. Well, birds of a feather...
Stop it, Sabriel, and stop it now. I just coughed up unnecessary phelgm and it is all your fault. (Maybee the medication is a bit strong for me - I don't feel quite myself tonight)
Better out then in.
You are so wrong.
I thought phlem was bad for you.
It is.
I know it's in there - I can hear it, feel it, on occasion even taste and smell it, but I really don't want to see it.

I am so going to have to turn off my computer, go to bed or do some work!
Laughter is the best medicine. Even if it hurts. I would know too. I have a bruised tailbone right now. If I move too quick I get a sharp pain in my bottom.

We can share our pain. It's all the parrots doing.
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