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Bacterial infection???


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Sep 23, 2011
Okay so yesterday, I noticed a spot on Charlie, and I was like what the crap is this? Well his nails are long, so I thought maybe he scratched to hard. I done the watchy thingie last night. This am it was way worse and there was a more! of course I called the vet he said "Bring him in, we'll see if it's an infection or mites or what" Of course running on about 4 hours sleep, I rush him to the vet, who asked if George had sores, I said no as he doesn't, but that I had noticed a little hair loss. Well, he said it wasn't mites, he was almost sure. But it was a bacterial infection??? What? Where did he get it? I mean he made sure to give me antibiotics, and that I could dose them properly, and he seems more active and stuff today. But I feel horrible! I feel soooo bad! Part of me thought I should find a better Mommy for them, but I done all I could do, right? UGH I feel bad!
You took him to the vet and had him treated so I don't understand why you would even consider that your a bad mommy to him? We can't know before hand that a piggy is sick. You took the proper steps once you reliezed something wasn't right because it wasn't clearing up so please don't keep beating yourself up about it.
It's just hard knowing something was wrong and I didn't catch on. But I know you're right. I'm very tired lol
Where on George is the hair loss and the sores? There are some classic patterns for mite infestations -- the pig swings its head back toward its rear end and bites, so there's a strip all down the flanks where they've pulled the hair out. Another is where they can reach with their rear claws.

Also, what kind of antibiotics did he give you? Do you rub them on his skin, or give them to him by mouth? If on his skin, then put very small amounts and rub it in well. If by mouth, you should be also giving him a probiotic an hour or so before or after the antibiotic, and watch him very carefully for any signs of antibiotic intolerance -- not eating as much, not pooping as much, staying in a hidey more than usual, etc. Guinea pigs don't do well with antibiotics. They have to have them sometimes, but the side effects can sometimes be as bad as the disease.
Sometimes a bacterial infection occurs from the scratching at mites. I think it would be a good idea to treat for mites in addition to the infection.
Wow, George has hair loss on his legs. Charlie has sores the sores on his back. Do I call the vet for the probiotics? So far he's doing okay. It's by mouth it's called orbox. I asked the vet about mites but he said he really doubted it, but if this didn't treat him, then we'd do mites treatment, but he didn't wanna do both at once, because he wouldn't know which one really worked. I am watching him carefully for sure, and actually he's been out of his hidey more, and more friendly.

And let me just say, the little aid at the office, almost got a very nasty guinea pig bite when she startled him.
I really, really sounds like mites to me. Waiting until you think the antibiotics will work will just make your pig miserable. Mites can be fatal.

Is this an exotics vet?
Years ago, I had a really friendly male that I took in for a vet visit. The vet was looking him over and I could see his (the guinea pig's) eye looking back toward the vet while his head was still facing forward. Suddenly, he turned his head around really fast and bit the vet before he could even react. All of us were surprised, but especially the vet who never saw it coming. He drew blood.
I'm with foggycreekcavy. I'm not getting good vibes about this vet. There's absolutely no reason to wait for a bacterial infection to clear up before treating mites. Who cares which treatment works? The pig will feel better if the problem is fixed, and that should be the main goal.
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