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baby piggies biting


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May 13, 2012
wat do i do if they start nibbling on my fingers??
It depends on why they are doing so. If you are holding them uncomfortably, or scaring them,that may be why. My guess is that you are not though. Do you have food on your fingers when you hold them?

Where did you get them? They could have mites, especially if they are from the pet store.
It's possible they just aren't used to you yet. They might be scared. One of my pigs, River, was very friendly right away while the other 3 were scared. Inara took about 3 weeks to get used to me. Snow White and Annabella took a few months. I read somewhere (I forgot where) that you could put veggies on your legs so that they'll eat it off of you. It helps them get familiar with your smell. My pigs are already used to me but I still do it sometimes. It's adorable!
What do you do if they nibble your fingers? Move your hand, of course. There's no point in letting a bad habit get started, and if you know they're nibbling, then you're just encouraging them to do something that won't be nearly so cute when they take a plug out of your finger.
thanks for helping
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