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Babies due any time

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kim richards

Cavy Slave
Nov 9, 2011
Hi i'm Kim new here and have just joined to meet other piggie owners.

Ihave 2 piggies Mitch (boar) and Mitz (sow) they are about to become parents !

We are so excited for them both, although Mitch issn't enjoying being seperated from his ladylove much a the moment :-(

Any tips or advice would be really appreciated as this is our 1st time and being midwives !

Much love squeeks and rumbbles to all those piggies n carers out there , will post details as and when piggies arrive etc, Should i start a blog??

This is day 1 and Mitch has just moved out :-(
Hello again Kim. I am glad you did move Mitch out. Poor man, he will just have to deal with this until those babies come. Just a thought, This might be the time to take Mitch in to be neutered.
He has to wait 3 weeks before he can go back in with Mitz and 3 weeks until the baby boys have to be seperated from Momma and sisters. That way the wait wont be so bad.
Just give him some extra love. Can't wait until those pictures.!! Suzi
Day 2&3 Mitz and Mitch are pineing for each other, mitch is knawing at the bars on his cage and they are nose to nose constantly , is this a bad thing? Gave them cuddles tonight and Mitz's babies are so lively felt them kicking and moveing so strongly, bought all my pregnancy memories flooding back !. Mitz (mum) is still very lively , drinking lots and makeing a nest in her hay , i am hopeing this is a sign that birth is imminant! Now i know how dads feel in the waiting room! Bless my little Mitz and hope all goes well with birth SOON ! ............. KEEP YOU POSTED
You may want to put a piece of plexiglass on Mitch's side of the cage to keep him from breaking his teeth on the bars.

And make very sure you've got a locked down lid on both cages before she gives birth, or move him well away from her cage and put her up on a table. Male guinea pigs can climb grids, and the female can get pregnant again immediately after giving birth. That's terribly hard on a sow, and contributes to maternal guinea pig deaths.

Maybe she'll have at least one male, and he can go live with dad when he's three weeks old.
Thank you , Mitch is in a seperate, secured cage but we have pushed them together for company (through bars ) feel so cruel but have to ensure Mitz's safety when birthing , am booking Mitch for castration so they can live together happily as a couple in a few weeks time, all babies will be homed responsibly and loveingly. Just feel so sorry for them both they sit on top of their huts together by the bars , i even saw Mitch try to pass his sissal ball to her! How cute is that ? ....... Ty for the advice about MItches teeth will address it asap, watch this space..................
How many babies are you expecting?
I have no idea, i can feel 3 that feel quite active but this is Mitz's 1st litter so i don't think there will be many.
I have had two different females have babies. One had two litters back to back and it was very hard on her. I didn't realize she had her babies and i left her for not even 4 hours! When I came back babies were there and so was daddy. And two months later again she had five more after the first two!
Poor piggie! this is what i am trying to avoid and be a responsible piggie owner, we wanted Mitch n Mitz to have a litter and to share this with our daughters , it really is drawing the whole family together and my 15 year old is very protective of Mitch, pets are a wonderful was to teach compassion and responsibility, even my husband has softened and come to love them despite being reluctant to get them in the first place . I even caught him talking to them and feeding them treats , they go crazy when he opens the fridge door , which amuses him no end ! lol Arn't piggies beautifull little critters. :)
Kim, please enjoy the forum. But know that we are against breeding here in this cavy community.

I don't want to start any heated debates, so I'm just closing this thread, not to be harsh, but to just prevent the inevitable discussions.

We're happy to hear about your pigs and issues, but we really don't want to hear about having litters and breeding.

We just had a long discussion about this on another thread. To sum it up,

"Pets don't teach responsibility, parents do."

Feel free to start other threads on any topic whatsoever, other than the joys of making more guinea pig babies.

If you have problems with your babies, or anything like that, also feel free to post about it.

We look forward to cute pictures and more stories about them all. Welcome to the wonderful world of cavies!

Not open for further replies.