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Behavior Awful Smell!!!


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Oct 22, 2011
Well, I went back to using shavings and newspaper because the fleece wasn't workin' very well with me. I've used shavings and newspaper before and have never had this problem. For some reason, I'm smelling a very strong amonia smell. I have two males and lately, my baby that's growing up (Coca-Cola) has started to finally try and dominate instead of being the dominated one by bullying and mounting the older guinea. There's about 2-3 months between the two. They've got plenty of water, don't act sick, and are other wise quite healthy. I was wonderin' if what I'm smelling is where they have sprayed or what it is because like I've sayed, I've NEVER smelled this before.
How often do you change the bedding and how large is your cage? Do you spray down the cage with 50/50 vinegar and water every time you clean out the cage. Vinegar neutralizes ammonia so it helps eliminate the smell.
I change it every week to every week 1/2 and yes, I do clean it out with vinegar.
How big is it. When I use wood chips in my 2x5 with two boars I hardly smell anything. Are you spot cleaning it ever few days just to take the wet litter out?
When I used shavings, I never went past a week before I changed the bedding. You might have to change the bedding more frequently or your space might be too small for your guinea pigs.
It's a little bit bigger than 2x4.
How do you spot clean? And by the way, the smell mysteriously went away. Hmm...
Could have been boar musk if it just stopped all the sudden. Boar musk is an awful smell but it does go away. It is just sent marking. When I use wood chips I just scoop out the wet spots ever other day. I use a dust pan and just scoop, I put some fresh wood chips in and that's pretty much it. I can go almost 2 weeks usedibg wood chips that way.
Your boys are probably both going through adolescence and the associated dominance things, it just sounds like boars showing each other who is king of the cage.
Yea, they both are "maturing". I figured that's what it was.
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