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Argh! The Ignorance of Some People!!

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Jun 16, 2005
Jun 16, 2005
CCC, I think it's awesome that you're putting your time in there to help educate people. And it sounds like you've been pretty helpful to many, despite these few nutjobs, I salute you. Those of us who've been around this site and GL for awhile should always try and do our part to show new guinea owners 'the light'. You just have to ignore the stupid folk who get their kicks out of harassing us.

I was recently asked to 'volunteer' at a Google cavy group, because there was a lot of misinformation going around. It's pretty quiet for the most part, but since I've been there I've seen the 'regulars' say stuff like: aspen and pine chips kill pigs, the only way to give ivermectin is via injection, all the usual small cages and crappy food suggestions, and the kicker: one guy trumpeted a few days ago the main reason his pigs remained healthy was because they lived with a rabbit. Grr.

Lots of work to be done out there, folks!
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