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Genitals Aren't you supposed to clean a male guinea pig's glands?


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Jun 2, 2011
Hey, there!
It's me again.
Two of my guinea pigs are males, but one of them is much older and has bigger genitals.... which seem to be a little dirty. I picked up somewhere that your sopposed to clean the glands, (which I'm not exactly sure which part that is), but I'm not sure how.
I'm wondering how I can do this in a firm but gentle way, as I'm sure he'll squirm. This is the first pair of male guinea pigs I've ever had, so this would be a good thing to know in the future if I have more male guinea pigs, and also for the older piggy Aslan's baby companion, Wiggles when he grows older.

Thanks to all in advance,
lots of love from Luuna8.
you need to clean the anal sac, grease gland, and extrude the penis.
Yes, it is one of those labor of loves.
Here is a video of 'cleaning day' with Charlie.
There are a lot of great resources on the forum as well.
Do a search. Also check out guinealynx.

[video]<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/video]

Guinea Pig Care - video for teresa - YouTube

Good luck :)
Okay, thanks!
Especially for the video. Yikes, it looks like it's a pretty.... well, not messy, but.... gruesome, shall we say? Not something I'm all that thrilled about doing? But, I... I must! For the piggies! For Aslan! LOL
Mom just got me the Mineral Oil, and we've got some quetips, or however you spell that.
Well, I'm goin' for it! I might do it tonight if I can get some time in...

Thanks to all,
Yes.. the smell is the most off putting part. I personally have yet to have a stinky sack cleaning, lucky maybe? I cleaning everyone's "junk" monthly. Good luck and Kim, GREAT video... I've been meaning to make one myself and with my new camera I think I just might as you have inspired me.
Do you have to do this to ALL boars? what about sows?
Not all, necessarily, but many will need cleaning as they age. It's a good habit to get into, anyway, to check for abnormalities. Females might need grease gland cleaning on occasion but they obviously have different anatomy, so it isn't usually necessary to clean their genitalia.
I have pigs under a year and I give them weekly cleaning in that entire region. I rather them get used to it now. Plus, I do find ample wads of hair and hay in their bums.

I like to dab some coconut oil onto their grease glands, really work it in there with wiping motions,let it sit for a few minutes, and then finish with Gorgeous Guineas shampoo. You can feel the grease gland break down when you're working in the oil. I used mineral oil for this before, but it seemed to always leave more residue behind.

Now my mineral oil is just used for anal/penis cleaning. It's a heavy oil that provides good lubrication.
Im just not sure I can handle that. What if I neuter him? Still have to?
@stephandcorey It just becomes a regular routine after a while. Getting into new routines are always a bit of a challenge at first. Then, you don't worry about it so much!

You can handle it. I believe in you. No need to put your piggie through surgery unnecessarily.
Ok so do I HAVE to use a q-tip and oil to clean the grease glands or can I just let him be natural. I had a male dog and never cleaned his glands, lived to be 13 years old, and I was 3-16 years old. Dogs are different I know.
Ok so do I HAVE to use a q-tip and oil to clean the grease glands or can I just let him be natural. I had a male dog and never cleaned his glands, lived to be 13 years old, and I was 3-16 years old. Dogs are different I know.

Grease glands can actually become inflamed if they're neglected. For the grease glands you just smear on some coconut oil for a few minutes, then wash it out with a pet shampoo safe for guinea pigs. (Bunny Bath, Gorgeous Guineas, etc)

The q-tip is used for the anal sac.
ok so I can do the grease glands like that, but the anal sac....im not sure I can do the q-tip. any other way?
Aslan is all cleaned up propperly, all thanks to you guys (and gals).
He had a long strand of hay in there, but it's all out now. Thanks so much!
Anyway, I have a almost-baby pig living with Aslan, (Sir Wiggles the Squishy), and I didn't clean his because he's young and couldn't really see much of big stuff goin' on yet.
Should I be cleaning his at his young age? I know it couldn't hurt, at least.

We did it!!!! :) LOL YAY WE CAN KEEP HIM!!
You made it look easy! How do you get him to stay so still?

HAHAHA That's Mojo for yah. He is so laid back.

This is also how I hold him (and my other two) when I clip/dremel their nails so they are VERY much used to being held this way. They all trust me and I think thats why they can stay so still.
CanadianComforts- Great video!
And I love your little pigglie! And, as @stephandcorey said, you make it look so easy! I just couldn't get Aslan's little penis out!

And Kim- You made that video? I didn't know that! It's great, it helped me alot! I love Charlie.

How often should I clean my male guinea pig's genitals? And I know females are different, but should I do a quick and soft cleaning, sense they do have some stuff?
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