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Fleece Are you thinking fleece?


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Apr 19, 2012
I just have to share this for anyone who is thinking about switching to fleece.
A few days ago I was having a issue with Cinn's back foot. I noticed it was red and she was grumpy about me looking at it. The next day it was red and swollen. I went online and discovered a thing called bumblefoot. Saw some pics that looked just like Cinn's and others that were just awful! Scabs and really nasty sores. I immediately cleaned out all the critter care paper and pine shavings. Replaced with emergency cotton towels. I spent the next day sizing and laundering thick cotten hospital blankets and new fleece. What a difference! When I put the new stuff in the girls were SO happy! They were popcorning and wheeking all over the place. Nutmeg even flopped out with her back legs splayed out behind her and was rubbing her face on the fleece. This morning Cinn's foot is back to normal. :love:
We just made the switch about week ago. Yesterday was the first cleaning of our new fleece bedding; it was so easy! No messy shavings; the hardest part was getting the hair and hay off, but I use (as someone recommended a brush like this Cat Grooming: Fur-Be-Gone Pet Hair Eliminator Shedding Brush) brush to try to get off as much hair as possible, and shake the fleece outside to remove as much of the hay as I can.
Glad your piggies like it and it helped with the foot! We love it too, I do not think we can ever permanently go back to shavings. :D
I'm constantly surprised at how small things can really make a difference for our cavies!

Yes it is amazing that little things to us is their whole world.
I left one end where they "do their business" with the paper stuff. No More Wood!

Was able to put together enough fleece and cotton for three days. I'm going to change it everyday. I suppose I'm just a fussy mom.
I too really like this brush. I think it important to shake the fleece outside and then thoroughly brush it. Cage cleaning was a breeze this morning. Took out the litter box in the kitchen, scooped out the soiled areas and added fresh litter, shook off the loft liner outside, vacuumed up stray litter and poops, and the whole thing was done in about 2 minutes.

Cinnandmegsmom.......I really like the PlanetPetco crumbled paper litter, having tried numerous other solutions. I used it over the entire small cage and now just in the upper deck.

Planet Petco Small Animal Paper Bedding with Baking Soda at PETCO
Mine takes me a little longer then that but I am still new to it hahaha. But I can see when I get used to all the steps it will be a breeze and not nearly as messy as trying to get all the shavings out and fresh in (I seemed to spill a lot in the process :eek:hmy:).
I'm at the point where I hate cleaning the messy kitchen, because I love the fleece so much!

@(broken link removed) - you're lucky you caught the bumblefoot. One of my fosters has bumblefoot, and it's terrible. I have to change the fleece everyday, foot soaks, baytril, coconut oil, etc. Do look for extra virgin coconut oil to rub on their feet, it's really supposed to help, and moisturized skin breaks down slower. Also, bumblefoot tends to be a recurring problem, so keep checking their feet. Good luck!
I'm so lucky to have Cavy Cages before I get guinea pigs. I won't have to guess what kind of bedding to use- I already know I'm using fleece!

I did have fosters for a couple days, and they had wood shavings. I'm looking forward to actually being able to see what I'm doing rather then just picking up the wet pieces. :)
i also switched to fleece and bought a little hand vac to clean their mess . it is a lot quicker to clean and it also makes the cage look prettier for my two little girls and they love it
hope cinn gets better soon
We love fleece here as well! It was the perfect solution for three stinky boars. I can go up to 9 days without changing the fleece and towels (I usually change it once per week, but sometimes I have to let it go longer) and the cage never smells. I do have litter boxes under the hay racks so that helps. I just sweep up the poop, hay, and left over food every morning and clean out the litter boxes every other day and we're good to go! No more dusty bedding, no more having to scoop the entire cage up to 3 times per week, no more bedding spread all over the house, and no more stinky piggies!
Thank you all so much for your idea's and suggestions.
I just cleaned out their house for the first time since switching. I'm lovin' it!❤️
What took over an hour before now takes 5 minutes.

No more picking and sifting through paper for wet pieces and nuddles (poo). I always felt like I was cheating them and changing it out every other day was attacking my pocketbook.

One dustpan of paper, folded up the fleece, quick wipe down along the sides and corners. Shook the fleece over the mulch pile and threw it in their laundry basket. Boy I love fleece!!

Special thanks to Petlovr for the heads up on bumblefoot and what to have in their medicine box. All the more reason I want to keep a sanitary home for them. Maybe I should rename Cinnamon to Tenderfoot? :crazy:
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