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Chewing Are these ok?

i like all of them look great however i wouldnt buy the third or the last one they dont look 'safe' the last one im not too sure about..
no i like the last one :) i read up about it i would buy all apart from the third one :)
Just curious, why not the third one? (The knot nibbler)
i read a bit about it and it said it had a real walnut, i though guinea pigs couldnt have them? but maybe check with someone else:)
Oh, haha I didn't even know it had a walnut in it, thanks!
yeah read down a little :) and any time :D
It says almond nut, does that make a difference?
nope, i wouldnt give it to my pigs, i read it somewhere not to give them nuts.....but reas up i could be wrong :)
I had one of the knot nibblers for Pedro and he hated it. The nut is trapped inside, and unless your pig is a crazy chewer, it will probably never get to the nut. You could always try to remove it if your piggie chews an opening large enough to get at it.
Maybe I could break the nut and pull it out?
It's really trapped in there, so unless your pigs are super chewers, they probably won't be able to get it. We give them to our chin all the time, and she is the craziest chewer ever. When she chews enough for the walnut to get loose, we pull it out so she can't eat it.
ok, that doesn't sound too bad
It's really not bad at all. I highly doubt that your piggies will ever get to the nut because pigs aren't that big on chewing in the first place. If you notice the nut getting loose, you can simply remove it. I never buy chew toys for my pig because I just waste money on it, he never plays with them. The chinchilla, well, we have to buy her chew toys every week. She goes through a new toy every night lol
Okay, thank you both for all your help :)
My girls completely ignored the knot nibbler so I took it out of their cage.
The willow balls are completely different story though. They tore that thing apart within a day. They love the twigs. I love taking them and hiding them so they can find later.
Most of these toys are for rabbits. Guinea pigs need unlimited grass hay to chew on. It is the hay that keeps their teeth in good shape and helps in digestion. Not chew toys.
Some pigs might play with them as toys others will not. My pigs liked the hang down toys to push and have liked colored cat balls to play with. You have to watch for small parts on these toys too as they can be a choking hazard for the guinea pigs.
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