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General Are these locker shelves safe?


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May 2, 2012
I am using one of these (Folded down and grid covered in fleece) as a ramp but when my C&C cage comes in I really want to stand it up and drape fleece or a towel over it and cut it to make curtains (I will also put a little mattress made of fleece or something under it). I was wondering if these are safe for them to gnaw on?

It looks like this, I have a few different colors:
(broken link removed)
Do you have a Photo..??
Oops.. Photo just didn't load.. Does it have the plastic coating?
I would assume it depends on what they're made out of.
They feel just like grids, I took off the part that allows it to stand and used zip ties to make a hay rack because the pigs are fighting over the one I got from Guinea Pig Zone.
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