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Are these edible for the pigs?

Ruthies owner

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Sep 24, 2004
(broken link removed)

These look like fun :) Does anyone know if they are pig safe to eat?
the link didnt work.
Yep, it didn't for me either.
nope it didnt work for me either!!
Try this!
(broken link removed)
I have one. Phoebe loves it. She'll climb it, sleep in it & pull at it. She does chew on it, but I think that's ok. I also put hay in it. So if anyone had any comments on why it wouldn't be good for guinea pigs, i'm also interested.
yes, those are safe, and cavyspirit has it on their reccomended list of toys. but maybe you could buy it from (broken link removed) rather than supporting a pet store.
yeah they are safe. my piggies love it. it is made out of hay covering a wire frame.
Yes, those are fine for pigs. I agree with loves2travel, buy from a source that is not a pet store, such as (broken link removed), (broken link removed), etc.
I had one of those for my guinea pigs except it was a little different, but anyways they ate the whole thing! They really didn't like to climb in it and stuff... I don't know why...
i don't know if it is ok, but if you find out for sure, let me know/post, and i also think that no matter what, buy from somewhere besides a pet store
oh, by the way cjguineapiglvr, welcome, i saw you didn't have many posts, so welcome
Yes they're fine. It's just hay all tied together. I had one about a year ago when my guineas were youngians. They really liked it, it took them awhile to eat it but once they figured it out... it didnt last long. I oughta get another one.
I should get one too. After the holidays when I actually have money.
That seems like a great toy, I think I want to get one.
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