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Canada Are NaturPet products safe for my guinea pigs?


Cavy Slave
Jul 14, 2017
Hi everyone, I am recently new to the guinea pig world and came across a product i was curious about. I came across this line of products called NaturPet, and I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried or used these products before on their piggies. They are all natural products, so that is why i am inquiring. As i am not one hundred percent sure what could be harmful to my piggies. The more information the better. Look forward to hearing from you all, thanks:)
They only show pictures of dogs and cats on the website. Some things, like shampoo, may be okay on many different animals. Some things are not. If there is a specific product I suggest giving us the details or a link. Everyone here would be happy to give advice on specific items or suggest alternatives.

If you are in Canada, anything from the brand Oxbow is a good option - pellets, hay and supplements. Most pet stores and Canadian websites carry that brand.
You may hear a lot on this forum about KMS but it's not available in Canada. Small Pet Select may be available on Amazon, but you can get Oxbow much cheaper.
Are NaturPet products safe for my guinea pigs?Are NaturPet products safe for my guinea pigs?
The ingredients for both lung care and multi minerals are posted above. I thought that the lung care might be good for upper respiratory infections, but that also depends whether the ingredients are safe or not. As I'm not one hundred percent sure. And i thought possibly the multi-mineral would be good as a seasonal boost to prevent further illness. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks all.


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As long as you're feeding your pigs a good quality pellet (@miniver says you can get Oxbow in Canada), good hay and fresh veggies with vitamin C in them, they don't need any of that stuff. It's just a marketing ploy to separate you from your money.
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