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Weight Are my pigs too big?


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Jan 23, 2012
How much should a pig weigh at almost 8 months old? My one pig weighs just shy of 2 lbs and the other one is maybe 1lb 9 or so. The vet said they were very healthy, although this was in the beginning of March, I know that they both have put on weight. How am I supposed to know if they are gaining too quick?

I am thinking they are getting too many pellets. I give them the 1/4 cup per day but by late afternoon they are both screaming for more. They will stand by the bowl and go crazy. They have lots of hay and eat a great meal for vegetables. So how do I know if the pellets are too much or if the veggies are too much? I will post a picture and maybe that can give some insight.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Are my pigs too big?

This picture shows how long and skinny Snickers is (Multi colored)

[GuineaPigCages.com] Are my pigs too big?

This picture shows how chubby Buddy is (Orange) He looks a lot bigger when he sits like that! Lol

Anyone have any idea? I don't want them to be unhealthy! Also, another factor is, is that when I had a huge playpen, they would never really run. Maybe a few times. Well since then I am not able to have this playpen and I am trying to figure out room for them to run. Their cage is a good size for them and I am hoping that is good enough. Its like they are more comfortable to run in their cage than anyone where else, they just sit there and do nothing. So I am also hoping they are not gaining weight from not "running" as much as they should! Hope this makes sense, thanks for any help :)
I cant help you but Gidget is about 6 months old [GuineaPigCages.com] Are my pigs too big?
They look fine to me, not overweight looking. Some pigs are just heftier and longer than others. If the vet says they're healthy I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe try spreading out the pellets over 3 times a day instead of 2? Same amount but have a breakfast/lunch/dinner if that is possible depending on schedules and stuff. Maybe it's just too big a gap of time for them and they want those evening pellets BAD when it's time for them. We had to do that with our cats. We had a cat that WAS overweight so we started following a strict food measurement guideline for both of our cats. But the problem was that our chubby kitty would wait until our unchubby kitty was done with her breakfast and scarf any leftovers down too because she knew once the food was gone there wasn't any more until dinner. We spread out the food over 3 feedings and that cut down that problem quite a bit because she had pretty even access to food during the day even though she was still only getting the same amount.
Also do you do once a day veg time or twice a day. Maybe a breakfast/dinner veg routine would help some too if they seem to be scarfing stuff down and acting overly hungry. But I know from experience anytime ours hear a plastic bag within a mile they all line up like it's feeding time and wheek and bounce around like they've never been fed in their lives.

Their weights? I don't know how much an 8 month old weighs but if they are growing steadily and no giant weight gains or losses I'd say don't worry about it unless the vet notices a problem.
Okay thank you soo much!! I check their weight once a week and it hasn't fluctuated a lot. I just get a lot of crap about how "big" they are from people who know nothing about them lol. I feed a loose cup of greens in the morning and then at night I feed a loose cup of greens, a carrot, a slice of green pepper and yellow pepper and alternate days for red pepper. This week they are getting dill as the treat. I feel like they are eating good except for maybe the pellets, ( I heard that is what is the least nutritional and causes weight gain) I think I am giving them too much (which still isn't a LOT, if that makes sense) With the pellets its hard to tell if they are both sharing it nicely or if one is eating it all. Is there a way I can monitor that without making them feel separated? Or should I not worry? Neither one is controlling 90% of the time! Thanks for the pellet Idea, I am going to try that, I think it will work perfectly!
At this point, I'm planning for piggies- I don't have any of my own, but I have read that an adult guinea pig (they mature at 6 months) can average around 2 pounds. Don't worry about what people say who are not educated. As long as you know you're doing right by them, that's all you need to be concerned with. :)

I didn't see you mention hay. Do you feed an unlimited amount?
Perhaps I do it wrong, but I just leave pellets out all day and I give my pigs fruit and veggies and hay off and on throughout the day. They are actually on the smaller side from many of my friend's pigs. I think some pigs are just a lot bigger than others (like...a lot!)...My Gardenia is one year old this week and she's smaller than our new boy who is 7 months by a ton! I don't have a scale that will weigh them, but you can see the difference. I wouldn't worry about it. If he's happy and runs around a lot, you're doing good!
My guinea pigs are close to three pounds each, so two pounds isn't too large. However, they do vary in size of bone structure, just like people do, so one pig may be too fat at three pounds where another is not.

Pellets are the least important part of their diets, and should be limited to 1/8 cup per day for an adult pig. Vegetables should be limited to a cup a day. Hay is by far the most important item in their diets, and if they fill up on pellets and vegetables and don't eat enough hay, you'll be paying some very expensive pig dental bills.
Thanks everyone! CritterLuvva they do have hay! They love their hay and go crazy over it. But its like one loves hay way more than the other. The other one seems to enjoy the pellets more.
Bpatters, how do I make sure each pig gets 1/8 cup of pellets a day without separating them? And they don't eat it right away so its hard to monitor that. Also, if I feed a loose handful of vegetables that fill a cup, that is too much?
You don't make sure. You just put in 1/8 cup per pig. One cup of veggies per pig. If one of them is piggier than the other(s), so be it.
Thanks! Now I am more confident that I am taking good care of them, the last thing I want is for them to be too big lol! Thanks :)
Their not fat just fluffy that all. They're big boned.
They look happy and sweet. I to worry about my piggies. You can't help but love them!
I see their coats are shining and that must be a sign of good meals and lots of love.
Thank you CinnandMegsMom! That makes me feel good knowing that they look healthy! I definitely want to make sure they are well taken care of :)
We recently added a friend for our one pig and I had a lot of the same questions as you regarding dividing the food! I have come to the conclusion that it is what it is! :) Your pigs are both gorgeous!
Right that is what I am thinking. It is what it is, I separate them on either side to eat their veggies but they always end up eating each others so I just hope they each get a little of everything! Thanks, they are pretty cute :)
Keep in mind some breeds are inherently bigger than others. Lately there's been a bit of a population explosion in a breed called "cuy"...they can grow over 5 pounds! They were originally bred in Peru for meat, but recently they've been showing up in the US. They're almost always light reddish brown and/or white, never black, tan or dark brown. Buddy could conceivably be part cuy.

But either way, they look healthy. You should generally be more worried about rapid weight fluctuation rather than absolute weight itself.
Oh thank you so much Mastershroom! That may explain it. They do not have weight fluctuation so that makes me happy! I am going to look into that breed!
Yeah, but as I said before, the average size guinea pig is 2 pounds too. :)
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