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Behavior Are my piggies going to start fighting?


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May 11, 2012
Okay, so I just got my two boys, one is somewhere between 9 months and a year, and the other is real small so I'm guessing 5 or 6 months? But my oldest Pignatius has been following the younger one (Pigson) around, sticking his nose in poor Pigson's back end and mounting him all the time. I can't tell if he's biting, it looks like he might be but I'm really not so sure. Pigson seems annoyed by it, but he never yells, so maybe not biting just sniffing? My boyfriend and I were watching them yesterday and he had pigs when he was young, and he was telling me that I'd have to separate them because once Pigson got older, if he didn't like what Pignatius was doing he'd fight him.
I really don't want my babies to fight, so I'm worried.
It doesn't happen all the time, I think Pignatius leaves Pigson be for the most part, but sometimes he REFUSES to leave him alone. Hasn't he asserted his dominance enough? Will he ever knock it off? Are they going to fight?

I've never had boys let alone more than one pig before... I'm just worried I'll have to separate them because one gets hurt when I'm not there so I'll have to split my already minimum requirement sized cage :/
You don't have to, nor should you, seperate your boys unless blood is drawn. Sometimes it can take months for piggies to sort out hierarchy. Let them be to figure it out on their own. I know it's stressful now, but please let them stay together.

Having pigs as a kid is nothing compared to having pigs now because so much more information about piggies is available now that wasn't available then. That's why doing your research is so important, no matter what you've done before. :)
Yeah, and I mean, He's only had one male pig amongst like 6 females who beat him up and fought with each other, so I wasn't sure if it still applied... And I'd read somewhere that it takes a while for them to get used to each other, so you have to let them sort it out, its just that when I thought that Pignatius was bullying and biting poor little Pigson I got worried because he's small and clumsy. But I'll try to let them be to get used to each other. Thanks :]
He's just trying to tell him who's boss. :D

No problem. I'll pass on whatever information I can get my hands onto to any one who asks. :)

I don't have piggies yet, so all I can do to participate is learn and pass it on.
They are entering puberty, so you can actually expect this to continue for about the next year til their hormones settle down. A larger cage is helpful, especially if you can make it wider than 2 grids. As always, weigh weekly so you can be sure no one is being prevented from eating, and have 2 of everything-food, hay spots, water bowls. If you have hideys, make sure they have more than 1 entrance so one pig doesn't get trapped inside by the other. Fleece forests are good alternatives to hideys.
Oh gracious, thank you! I didn't know I could just use a fleece forest instead! I'm always worried about that because Pignatius likes to trap Pigson in their pigloos. I don't have the space in my own home sadly to make it much bigger, but I am working on the upper deck so they have a few more places to run to. I do have two water bottles, but I'll look into getting more food dishes and hay troughs. its good to know this will pass though! even though it's not very soon!
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